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Skinner's operant conditioning theory
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The lesson deals with the Skinner's operant conditioning theory

Hello. welcome to my profile. My name is Smilee Ahuja. I am a post graduate in commerce and UGC NET qualified in the same stream. currently

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Mam lecture smjh aa jaata hai ache se but after Passing some time I forget that suddenly confidence goes down...
Lectures are of 10-15 mins, if you feel that you have forgotten you must rewatch and revise. So far as content is concerned, this is the best that can be offered so far as competitive exams are concerned.
Saddam Husain
7 months ago
Okk Thank You So Much 😊😊😊😊
*for competitive exams
mam Dec 2018 Education Paper is very tough, mam plz bring for us videos about education paper
very very helpful mam.... thanks mam is reinforcement pe hemasha ek question aata hai NET me.. but mam waha pe aata hai ,, in presence of cue, in absense of cue etc.. escape training, active avoidance etc.. jo mera sir k upper se jata hai... mam agar aap help karti too acha rehta
a year ago
I would make a video soon
Showket Nabi
a year ago
eagerly waiting.......
please theory's personality but like video effective
please theory's personality but like video effective
mam plz bring a video about measurement of Intelligence
a year ago

  2. Introduction . This theory has been given by B.F Skinner. He is an American psychologist. The theory is also called R type conditioning theory. . This is based on the concept of reinforcement, reward and punishment.

  3. Experiment 1 :Rats The experiment was conducted on rats. rats were kept hungry for so many hours. the rats was kept in a self designed box Which was named skinner's box. . there was a Lever attached to the box. the experiment was such that when the rats Pressed that liver they were given sum amount of food . Every timel they pressed the liver they were given food. food was an award for them.

  4. Lever Water dispenser Food dispenser Electric grid

  5. Real image

  6. Experiment 2 . this experiment was conducted on pigeons. . again in this experiment the pigeons were kept in a box. . there was a special mark in the box. when the pigeon heat that mark with his beak he was given some amount of food. . food was the major reinforcement for pigeon.

  7. Experiment on pigeons

  8. Shaping. . this is a response type theory. . a reward or reinforcement is given to the person when he performs in the desired manner. this means that we give him some reward when the person who presents the same behaviour as desired. . we are trying to control his behaviour through reward. this process of controlling the behaviour through reward is called shaping.