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Personality (in Hindi)
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The lesson talks about personality of a child and factors affecting the development of personality

Smilee Ahuja
Hello. welcome to my profile. My name is Smilee Ahuja. I am a post graduate in commerce and UGC NET qualified in the same stream. currently

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Sir aap ne almost 2 month pehle reply kiya tha ki playlist ban rii hai ? Aaj tak playlist wise lecture arrange nii hue.... please do it... Thankyou in advance
so super teach....madam
Nyc maam really keep it up farward
Smilee Ahuja
7 months ago
Thank you g
Lone Sarwar
6 months ago
Mam tell me wch tym is best for reading nd how much tym is best for reading
wow wow wow what a understandable teaching method dear mam...Unbelievable teaching style... mam bring for us Theory of Personality which is IMPORTANT for NTA NET DEC 2018 plz mam
Smilee Ahuja
9 months ago
thank you so much dear. I will bring it soon
  1. Pexsonait What we axe What we hope or aspine to be come one's totnl behaviour Combination: Phusical Intellectual Emotional ocaal Character

  2. Development of Persona Biological o Heredi Detesenn ants O Phsiqua and Peam odiy a Heiht b. Weiaht C. Plu sical de d leasth and gtrength Intelligence Nervous g stem

  3. Natural Enuionmentt 2 Fann 1 or Sterne-ci) Farnity enuusomment (ii) s ome cuimate- Emotional (iii) Ouden iv) Necvous or chevrful (v) Baoken home lvi) Eize of tha (vii) Pasantal Favouritam (vi) Step Paranta Biith ize of the famil

  4. 2. Family Life Pa erns-.over ambitious parents met Rods ationships o Over Photecbion Child trairing o Teacher's personalit eSchool Cwviculum 3. School _ OOL Teach in Neighbowrhood Radio, TV Methods g othon deteurninants

  5. Psychological Factors Motives 2 Interests Attitudes hill Power 6 <entururda 1. Character 8. Memory 9 Reasoring o Leaning