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Single Phase Half Wave Rectifier (R-Load)
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A single phase diode rectifier in half wave configuration for R-Load is explained.

Mohit Bhagchandani
Graduate Electrical Engineering student at University at Buffalo, NY. Connect with me on LinkedIn -

Unacademy user
sir cut off kitani ho sakati hai
is this helpful in RGPV exam???
Mohit Bhagchandani
2 months ago
Based on what I know, you would definitely find some questions from these videos. Since, these videos are meant for the engineering students, you would only need to understand the basics from these videos. Nevertheless, you are going to learn something very essential from these videos, go through them.
Neha agrawal
2 months ago
thank you sir
  1. SINGLE PHASE HALF WAVE UNCONTROLLED RECTIFIER What is a Rectifier? Definition A Rectifier is a power electronic device that converts AC power to DC power using semiconductor switches.

  2. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: Vp Ls Vs- [Vm sin t ] 10

  3. WAVEFORMS: Source voltage Vm /2 2 3 7t Cut

  4. EQUATIONS 1. OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 1/2 Rms value of output voltage, Vor 2n Jo"m d(ot) 2nLJo

  5. 2. OUTPUT CUREENT: Average value of load current, RTR Rms value of load current, orR 2R Peak value of load, or diode, current V,

  6. 3. OUTPUT POWER and POWER FACTOR: Power delivered to resistive load (rms load voltage) (rms load current) or oror2 2R 4R 2R or Power delivered to load Input power factor = Input VA Vor : 10r = Yor--2V_ = 0.707 lag. Sor