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Simon Commission Part 1
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In this lecture, I have talked about the appointment of Simon Commission and the things that happened during the Madras Congress Session of 1927

Shaifa Bano
Pursuing graduation (History) UPSC Aspirant

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Sir iska (conard) resorce kya de hum log avidence ke liye please sir help me

  2. SHAIFA BANO Pursuing graduation in history from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh RATE. REVIEW. RECOMMEND

  3. Non Cooperation Movement was launched in 1922 Kova Tribals were in Andhra Pradesh under Ramchandra Rajiv Kali from Punjab were active All white seven member commission was to recommend on 8th November, 1927 For further constitutional reforms Due to the lot of pressure from the Indians, British government agreed for the reforms Simon Commission does not include any Indian members in it

  4. Labour Party was to win the elections in Britain in 1927 It was called irresponsible party by the people Simon Commission was reflected as an insult to Indians Boycott of this commission was done by the Liberal foundation under Tej Bahadur Sapru and Hindu Mahasabha Unionist Party and Justice Party supported the Simon Commission There were communal people and secular people in the Muslim League . .

  5. In 1927, Muslim League had two sessions. One was held at Calcutta under Jinnah and other was at Lahore under Mohd Shafi . Jinnah was against the commission however, Shafi supported it Indian National Congress also boycotted the commission into a popular movement A resolution was adopted in Madras congress session of 1927 headed by M.A. Ansari to boycott the comnissiorn . . Boycott was supported by Hindu Mahasabha and the

  6. At the Madras session of the congress, Nehru successfully got the snap resolution Poorna Swaraj as the goal of the congress Delhi proposal was proposed on 20th March, 1927 which was partially accepted over here Protest started and All India Conference held Muslim leaders met at Delhi in December, 1927 The demands were put up known as the Delhi proposals Delhi pact is the pact between the Swarajist and No Changers Gandhi trwin pact .

  7. Delhi manifesto is basically the congress demands before Irwin in 1929 Delhi proposals are the demands by the Muslim League in the early part of 1927 They asked for three new Muslim provinces There was a lot of opposition when they were looking for Sindh from Bombay They wanted independence of Baluchistan They wanted independence of North West Frontier Province Muslim League should have 1/3rd representation in CEA .

  8. In Punjab and Bengal, the proportion to the representation should be in accordance with the population Muslims were in majority in Punjab and Bengal They wanted the Joint Electorates and the reservation .There was complete Hartal and mass rallies when .People were moving parallel to the Simon train who . In Madras, the main person was T Prakashar Simon Commission lands in India were in train In Lucknow, the main person was Khali Fuzzamann Back .

  9. Lala Lajpat Rai died on 12th November, 1928 during the protest DSP Sounder was murdered for the revenge They wanted to make the constitution in seven months at All Party Conference held in 1928 Moti Lal Nehru was the leader in the conference The dispute arises when some of them wanted dominion status whereas the majority wanted complete independence The first objective of the Simon Commission was to dealy the power .

  10. Simon Commission wanted to widen the communalism in India To give the impression of the federal constitution They wanted to create the feeling of regionalism in India Simon Commission says that there should be constitutional reconstruction They basically wanted the federal constitution in India .Provinces should be given full autonomy .They suggested more power to the governor regarding the internal security

  11. Civil Disobedience Movement was a mass movement and so Gandhi started a nation wide tour .Gandhi was focussing on Untouchability . Political agitation started .Boycott of foreign clothes started Lord Irwin gave a statement on 31St October, 1929 - "It is implicit in the declaration of 1917 that he aim of the British Government is to give the dominion status to India"

  12. Lahore Resolution talks about the Poorna Swaraj It was decided that the legislature should be boycotted Poorna Swaraj Resolution was written by Gandhi on 26th January, 1930 The Responsivist corporation also rise up Nehru report failed because of lot of opposition There was a growth of Anti imperialist sentiments The pledge of Independence was taken by Indians on 26th January, 1930 . . .