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SI Units Introduction (in Tamil)
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This video explains about SI units and its special characters in Tamil for TNPSC, SSC, RRB, IBPS....

Mugunthan Loganathan
I am specialist in Aptitude ,Reasoning and General Science for TNPSC, SSC , RRB, IBPS and other competitive exams.

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  1. SI Units

  2. ram Seond FPSFoot Mhs s-Foot Pound Saunol Heta, kilo Sound.

  3. SI UNITS S.No Right Wrong 1 newton Newton 2 3 metre m metre -M

  4. SI UNITS S.No Right 4 50 m 550 m 6 10 kg Wrong 50 m. 50m 10 kgs

  5. SI UNITS S.No Right 7 second - s Sec 8273 K 9 100 Wrong 273 K 100

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