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Shifted Ellipse with Shifting of Origin (in Hindi)
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This lesson takes up the concept of shifting of ellipse

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Vineet Loomba
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Nice questions picked from all news papers mainly Hindu and Live mint thanx for guiding us in a right path. If your experience in sharing the right way to approach Economic survey is added to your ongoing session it would be much helpful. Also in mains most of the data s which should be included in answers as well as in Essays makes this authenticated source by GOI most imp, so we all wish to have your guidance in this aspect
sir can you plz tell us that which chapters are most important and contain maximum weight age in jee mains maths
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
See my course on iitjee strategy .. its explained there
sir ques...Q. An ellipse has focii at (9,20) and (49,55) in the xy plane and is tangentto the x-axis. Find the length of its major axis.
what is old system and what is new system,is it necessary to learn old system