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Equation of Tangent in Various Forms
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In this lesson the concept of equation of tangent in various forms has been explained. Typical examples based on this concept have also been discussed

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Vineet Loomba
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thanks Bro!.. for making these tutorials.. now i can learn the tutorial with a familiar voice of my #bro_best!!!... you really teaches being very frank!!!..
Sir ,not able to understand can't we apply point form in the last question of this lecture?
a month ago
point form is only applicable for a point on the curve.
sir I have one problem which is too similar which you have solved in this courses,but when I am trying via this method it can't solved. Q.Angle between the tangents drawn from (5,4) to the ellipse x²/25 + y²/16 = 1 is→ (a) π/3 (b) π/2 (c)2π/3 (d)π/4 when I'm doing same method which have done, "m" is not in quadratic,even it comes Zero.
Vineet Loomba
8 months ago
If one is zero check tht other might be 90 dere tts why quad is not givig answer
a month ago
b is correct