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Shearing Operation (in Hindi)
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Fundamentals about punching and blanking and clearnace calculation for both the processes.

Ravi Singh Choudhary
Director Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

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sir is this course for sheet metal operation is enough for GATE..I mean only these formula? If I practice questions related to these formula....
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  1. Sheet metal Forming BY RAVI SINGH CHOUDHARY

  2. GATE syllabus Load estimation for Sheet metal forming process Shearing: Blanking & Punching Deep drawing Bending

  3. 0 When the metal is deformed, it is first elastically deformed and then plastically. When applied load is removed, the plastic component of the deformation remains permanent while the elastic part springs back to its original shape.

  4. Stress - Strain diagram Stress, strain curve Unloadingi Loading Strain Permanent deformation Springback The amount of spring back is the property of the material which depends on the modulus of elasticity. Higher the modulus of elasticity, lower would be spring back.

  5. Shearing V, F Punch Plastic deformation = stock thickness c = clearance Die v, F Penetration Fracture

  6. Shearing v, Penetration Tensile Compressive

  7. Clearance Punch C = 0.0032*t*VT Total clearance will be 2C t = stock thickness | |+ c = clearance Die

  8. Blanking and Punching Punch Starting stock produced by shearing operation from a big metal sheet Washer Scrap Blank Blanking Punching Steps in production of washer

  9. Blanking and Punching In shearing operation, first the material is elastic deformed then plastic... After the final breaking slug will spring back to bigger size. This will make the blank cling to die face, unless angular clearance is provided.

  10. Blanking Punch diameter= Die diameter-2C Diameter of die Diameter of blank Clearance should be on punch

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