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Shear on Punch (in Hindi)
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Shear on Punch. Punching force numerical practice.

Ravi Singh Choudhary
Director Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

Unacademy user
please complete the rest of chapters
much useful sir
please add more lessons in production engineering
additional shear on punch is provided. shear on punch is provided. little bit confused between this...please clarify sir
see the equations again in the slide.
kt +I or simply I
very nice video. but voice is low. plz improve it. but way of teaching is very good.
ok Zishan, next time I will take care of this :)
Avinash Yadav
2 years ago
you can watch in laptop where you can increase the video speed :)
sir , thanks for sharing knowledge , can you please increase speed little bit?
Ok Ravali :D
In laptop you can increase the playback speed. Next time I will speed up little bit by the way :)
  1. Sheet metal Forming BY RAVI SINGH CHOUDHARY

  2. GATE syllabus Load estimation for Sheet metal forming process Shearing: Blanking & Punching Deep drawing Bending

  3. Blanking and Punching Shearing force lit Shearing force (circular hole) = dtt

  4. Determine the die and punch sizes for blanking a circular disk of 20mm diameter from a C20 Steel sheet whose thickness is 1.5mm. (Shear strength of annealed C20 steel is 294 MPa Solution: C 0.0032*t* 0.0032*1.5*V294-0.082 3mm Since it is blanking operation: Die size = Blank size = 20mm Punch size Blank size-2C = 20-2*0.0823 = 1 Punching force dtt = 3.14*20*1.5*294 = 27.71 kN

  5. Blanking Punch diameter= Die diameter-2C Diameter of die Diameter of blank Clearance should be on punch

  6. Shear on punch It distribute the cutting action over a period of time Shear only reduces the maximum force to be applied but Work done(with shear) = F(kt+1) work done = Fmax(kt) Total work done remains same.

  7. Shear on punch ma LtT s shear on punch %penetration

  8. End of session Thank ou