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Shannon Fano Elias Coding
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Shannon Fano Elias Coding

Bharath S
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Also my descriptive writing is poor, how do i improve that?
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Neha, are you referring to writing essays and general everyday english when you say descriptive writing or something different?
Neha Mishra
a year ago
I am talking about essays for competitive exams, like CGL, MICA etc.
Anupam Mishra
a year ago
Ok. I got your point. Well, at a basic level you can start with the following method. 1. Pick up a well-written essay from a book or from some online source. 2. Now before reading this essay, write your own version first. 3. Compare yours with the actual essay and see how you could've made it better. 4. Finally (& most importantly), rewrite the essay incorporating the changes you think you should make. Do this???? 2-3 times a week. And your writing skills will soon improve.
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