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10 words Proliferate, abeyance, catcall, bemuse, celerity, impetuous, officious, coeval, comity, sinecure

Srijita Banerjee
B.Tech in Biotechnology\singer\loves teaching\public speaker\peer educator\Bengali

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  1. Oo GRE Word List Set 3 SRIJITA BANERJEE https:/

  2. PROLIFERATE (Adjective) Grow rapidly; spread; multiply The bacteria were seen to proliferate when a proper media containing all their growth requisites were provided. Mushroom, burgeon, snowball, propagate Dwindle, shrivel, constrict, wane, wither,abate

  3. CATCALL (Noun) Shout of disapproval; boo Her extreme confidence in playing the guitar led to catcalling O in the show by all the audience when she played the wrong chords. Derision, hoot, hiss, jeer, raspberry, objection Acceptance, endorsement, countenance, validation

  4. BEMUSE (Adjective) Confused; lost in thoughts; preoccupied Her parents were bemused when she told them that she was pregnant. Perplexed, bewildered, nonplussed, addled, muddled Enlightened, edified, cleared, cogent, edifying, transparent

  5. IMPETUOUS (Adjective) to act quickly and suddenly without thinking or being careful, done impulsively Mostly teenagers are impetuous by nature ultimately growing up into a patient adult Fierce, fervid, hasty, rash, headstrong, unbridled Steady, serene, equanimous, staid, meticulous

  6. CELERITY (Noun) Swiftness in acting or moving; speed, rapid The celerity that Simba had made hyperbolic when it came to working with slower people. Alacrity, swift, speediness, rapidity, swift, hustle Torpor, languid, sluggishness, sloth, hebetude him uncomfortable and

  7. COMITY (Noun) Having or showing courtesy While not an enormous policy step, it was a powerful symbol of civility and comity. Amity, cordiality, amicableness, harmony, goodwill, concord Hostility, belligerence, animus, inimical, discordance

  8. OFFICIOUS (Adjective) Objectionably aggressive in offering one's unrequested and unwanted help or advice The officious woman got herself into trouble while helping the other woman who was getting harassed in the bus. Meddlesome, impertinent, intrusive, interfering, inquisitive Reticent, sheepish, humbled, hesitant, contrite, retiring

  9. COEVAL (Adjective) Living at the same time Analysis proved that this manuscript is coeval with that of the Knosos civilization in Crete. Coetaneous, coincident, isochronous, associative, contemporary Anachronism, misplacement, prolepsis, defiunct

  10. SINECURE (Noun) Well-paid position with little responsibility A sinecure job is exactly what he wanted, now he can sit in his air-conditioned cabin all day and do nothing.

  11. GORGE (Verb) Stuff oneself They gorge on the biscuits that really are out of this world, but O kids need protein and milk Consume, cram, englut, devour, slosh, guzzle Spew, emit, vomit, retch, gag

  12. CONDONE (Verb) Overlook; voluntarily forgive To condone the absence in viva examination, the teacher asked me to bring a letter signed by my proctor Ignore, wink at, pardon, excuse, acquit, bypass, disregard Censure, impeach, prosecute, impugn, frustrate, hinder

  13. HOVER (Verb) To keep lingering about, suspend in air; wavering here and there The hovering of a horde of eagles at a distance made us understand that something has happened that. Flutter, waver, drift, linger Rest, nailed, anchored, stationed, harbored

  14. GARGANTUAN (Adjectfive) Gigantic, enormous, colossal The kid found it very difficult to hold the gargantuan textbook. O Synonyms: gigantic, huge, heavy, leviathan, monstrous, towering Antonyms: Small, Lilliputian, diminutive, dwarf, puny, teeny, wee

  15. Oo INEXORABLE (Adjective) Not to be persuaded, moved or affected by prayers Drinking and driving is an inexorable move and everybody should know that. Synonyms: Unalterable, immutable, insurmountable, indelible Antonyms: Changeable, fickle, mutable, malleable

  16. Oo CRYPTIC (Adjective) Mysterious in meaning, puzzling, ambiguous Being a student of archaeology, it was obvious from our side to expect Kara to understand the symbols on the cave walls. Synonyms: abstruse, apocryphal, enigmatic, esoteric, arcane, mystic Antonyms: clear, concise, limpid, pellucid, diaphanous

  17. Oo HIDEBOUND (Adjective) Narrow and rigid in opinion; oriented towards the past Being hidebound, my grandmother doesn 't believe in interracial marriage. Synonyms: bigoted, averse, insular, parochial, jaundiced Antonyms: Catholic, utopian, broad-minded, eclectic

  18. POIGNANT (Adjective) Keenly distressing to the feeling The ending of the movie was poignant and it got reflected on my normal life for few days. Agonizing, distressing, intense, piteous, sorrowful, acute Calm, numb, bland, insipid, hushed, mild, waveless

  19. PEERLESS (Adjective) Having no equal; matchless Mary's peerless musical composition won her many awards. Supreme, unequalled, unsurpassed, unparalleled Mediocre, secondary, dud, imperfect, subordinate O

  20. FRACTIOUS (Adjective) Cannot be controlled, readily angered: peevish, irritable Dealing with fractious people becomes very difficult while you are in a dufficult situation yourself. Disorderly, huffy, intractable, ornery Supple, ductile, graceful, limber, lithesome, resilient, pliant

  21. ASTUTE (Adjective) Of keen penetration or discernment, having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage. My colleague at work has got this astute ability to turn people to her side in each and every situation. Crafty, brainy, clever, canny, perspicacious, sagacious, shrewd Asinine, idiotic, imbecile, oafish, inane

  22. VENIAL (Adjective) Able to be forgiven or pardoned; not seriously wrong The mistakes that he committed being in a relationship were not venial. Excusable, minor, allowable, vindicable, tolerable Culpable, censurable, reprehensible

  23. IMPECUNIOUS (Adjective) Having small amount of money, poor You won't understand the impecunious Mehra's until you visit their home Parsimonious, miser, indigent Bounteous, munificent, unstinting, generous

  24. CORUSCATE (Verb) To emit vivid flashes of light; sparkle, scintillate, glitter The diamonds were found to coruscate in the bright light. Gleam, scintillate, glimmer, incandescent, illuminate, radiate Becloud, bedim, obscure, blacken, dull, daffy, vacuous

  25. Oo MAGNILOQUENT (Adjective) Boastful, pompous, talking in excess Aditya have always been the magniloquent guy among IshanO and Aditya, even though Ishan was the one who had greater work experience. Boastful, bombastic, grandiloquent, aureate, euphuistic Humble, moderate, modest, sheepish, unpretentious

  26. FULSOME (Adjective) Disgustingly excessive The fulsome food that was provided in the inaugural ceremony was mostly wasted. Complete, extravagant, immoderate, inordinate Moderate, controlled, discreet, fair, average, judicious

  27. SYBARITE (Adjective) A person devoted to luxury and pleasure The prime moto of the sybarite was to earn money and have the most beautiful house. Hedonist, voluptuous, glutton, lecher Ascetic, abstinent, puritanical, abstemious, somber

  28. Oo PREDILECTION (Noun) Pertaining to natural inclination; tendency Looking at her clothes people could understand that Pari had a predilection towards blue clothes as they were mostly one or the other shades of blue. Proclivity, inclination, preponderance, disposition, propensity Disorientation, dissolution, ennui, repugnance, disinclination

  29. MARTINET (Noun) A strict disciplinarian, someone who stubbornly adheres to methods or rules, especially a military one Being in the military my grandfather, even after retirement did not stop being martinet and kept the habit of going to bed by 11pm and waking up by 5:00am. Authoritarian, absolutist, autocrat, stickler, despot, taskmaster Liberal, democrat, republican, catholic, tolerate, unbigoted

  30. LUGUBRIOUS (Adjective) Something is painfully sad; in grief The lugubrious wives who lost their husbands in the war asked for befitting revenge against the enemies Pensive, melancholy, mournful, bereaving, distressing Blissful, cheerful, rapturous, frolicsome, ecstatic, genial

  31. INCHOATE (Adjective) Not yet completed, something abruptly formed Having just come into existence a few years ago, the nenw political party is still considered to be inchoate by many historians. Embryonic, amorphous, rudimentary, incipient, undeveloped Matured, plumbed, consummate, ripened, well-rounded

  32. CONSPICUOUS (Adjective) Anything that can be seen or noticed easily; obvious The ignorance by Deiy towards her project and her scumnates was extremely conspicuous, thus they planned to complairn against her. Blatant, flagrant, noticeable, perceptible, discernable Concealed, inconspicuous, mixed, indistinct, murky, obscure

  33. NOISOME (Adjective) Ofemsive or digusting, harmgfut or ingjurious to health The streets were full of filth, muddy in wet weather, dusty in dry, and intolerably noisome, unhealthy and always offensive. Baneful, horrid, noxious, putrid, fetid, reeking Innocuous, salubrious, wholesome, redolent

  34. DESIDERATUM (Noun) Something lacked or wanted; in need of something Excessive make-up is never a desideratum on someone's face. Recourse, aspiration, objective, scheme, aim, importance Neglect, delinquency, scorn, laxity, derelict

  35. CRAVEN (Adjective) Pertaining to be coward The craven militants who killed the innocent children, deserve O a severe punishment. Cowardly, pusillanimous, wimpish, dastardly, timorous, fearful Dauntless, courageous, brave, defiant, audacious, impertinent

  36. SC NTILLATE (Verb) To emit sparks, flash, to be animated or brilliant The bright light led to scintillation when it fell on the mirror,O early in the morning. Coruscate, gleam, glitter, glimmer, burnish, shimmer, trace Darken, bedim, dim, murk, quash

  37. GUMPTION (Noun) Initiative for speaking for or against, to have guts Even though everyone knew that the speaker was uttering rubbish, very few had the gumption to point out his mistakes. Spirit, guts, acumen, sagacity, clout, impulse Mousiness, timorousness, cowardice, wimpiness

  38. HIATUS (Noun) A break or interruption in continuity of work there was brief hiatus in the war with France. Interval, gap, break, interim, discontinuity, lacuna, rift, blank Perpetuity, linking, endurance, dovetailing, flow, protraction

  39. PEDANTIC (Adjective) Too concerned with unimportant details or traditional rules, especially related to academic subjects The pedantic nature of Maria makes me fractious because her constant nagging makes me forget the actual important things at times. Bookish, academic, didactic, stilting, pompous, donnish Plain, simple, transparent, flexible, pardoning, reasonable

  40. PREVARICATE (Verb) To speak falsely or misleadingly; lie Nobody ever though Ankita would prevaricate and mulct the O whole company by leaking the crucial information. Dodge, belie, cavil, evade, palter, quibble Frank, candid, disclose, recognize

  41. SANGUINE (Adjective) Cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident The only reason the enervated soldiers are sanguine is because o they are happy about seeing their family soon. Buoyant, assured, confident, expectant, rosy, upbeat Depressed, pessimistic, unhappy, despondent, gloomy, feared

  42. EXPOUND (Verb) To state in detail, explain or interpret While I was doing my internship is Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, my guide asked me expound about the drug I am working on for my report. Delineate, depict, clarify, exemplify, explicate, elucidate Obfuscate, addle, muddle, complicate

  43. REPREHESIBLE (Adjective) Deserving of reproof, rebuke, censure; blameworthy The reprehensible student after 5 days finally accepted his mistakes of cheating in the examination hall. Blamable, culpable, erring, censurable, opprobrious Vindicable, pardonable, venial, tenable, exculpatory

  44. VITRIOLIC (Adiective) Language and behavior that is full of bitterness and that causes a lot of distress and pain The mayor's vitriolic speech on the corporation meeting offended many including the innocent press. Acerbic, hostile, acrid, caustic, stinging Pleasant, auspicious, conductive, affable, amenable

  45. BEVY (Noun) A large group Hank invited a lot of people to his birthday party as he wanted a bevy of presents. Assembly, body, clique, horde, troop Individual, secluded, reclusive, solitary, lone

  46. APPALL (Verb) Dismay, shock; unpleasant The school girl's death due to heart attack appalled a lot of people who knew her and her family. Dread, gruesome, daunt, disconcert, horrific Inspire, encourage, cheer, exalt, appease

  47. EFFRONTERY (Adjective) Impudence; shameless boldness; sheer nerve The effrontery girl being extremely courageous, ended up getting expelled from her college during her final year. Presumptuousness, haughty, insolence, bossy, impertinent Genteel, suave, noble, ostentatious, chivalrous