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Set-1-Polity-(Mains Answer Writing Practice) (in Hindi)
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This is set -1 of Mains answer writing with theme anti-defection laws and tribunal. It covers questions and their answers.

Saurabh Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saurabh Pandey
5 yrs teaching experience,1 year teaching experience as online educator, appeared in UPSC interview and 3 times UPSC MAINS qualified,

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  2. .NAME -SAURABH PANDEY 5 Yrs teaching experience. Taught in institutes like vision ias Worked as senior UPSC FACULTY in online platforms like study iq QUALIFIED Exams like NET, JRF MA in public administration in biotechnology UPSC INTERVIEW PLUS 3 IAS MAIN .RAS MAINS

  3. THEME-1 ANTI DEFECTION LAW Q-52nd constitutional amendment was not able to achieve its objective till the enactment of 91st constitutional amendment. Discuss

  4. About 52nd amendment. Purpose of Amendment. Reasons for enacting the 91st amendment .-10th schedule -allowed bulk defections Dinesh goswami committee, law commission etc recommended removal of the provision of the 10th schedule pertaining to exemption from disqualification in case of split -NCRWC-said-abnormally large councils of Ministers constituted-need to limit

  5. 91st amendment act of 2003 -limit the size of council of ministers-to debar defectors from holding public offices and to strengthen the anti defection law .--Limiting size of COM-15% of the total strength of Lokasabha -if a member disqualified on the ground of defection shall also be disqualified to be appointed as a minister. -same provisions at state level(article 164) -disqualified to hold any remunerative political post. Exemption mentioned in 10th schedule has been deleted

  6. THEME-2 -TRIBUNAL Q 42nd amendment of Indian constitution provided for 'judicialization of bureaucracy' at Centre and state level. Discuss

  7. .42nd amendment added xiv-A to the constitution. Article 323A and 323 B 323-administrative tribunal-adjudication of disputes relating to recruitment and condition of service---administrative tribunal act 1985- Central administrative tribunal. CAT-65 MEMBERS-drawn from both judicial and administrative streams -SAT-at the state level Article-323-B-STATE AND AUTHORISED to provide -establishment of tribunal