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Set 1 IT and Cyber Law PYQ'S (in Malayalam)
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This lesson is about the previous questions on IT and cyber law set 1

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Bibi Mohanan
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  1. IT & Cyberlaw Previous Questions Set 1 BIBI MOHANAN

  2. Which virus is treated as the first computer virus? a) Trojan Horse b) SCA Virus d) Rabbit

  3. VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Seige 01st mobile phone virus Cabir 01st microcomputer virus-Ekcioner 1st Computer virus for MS DOS-Bran 01st Computer virus detected on ARPANE -creeper virus o Program that can destroy virus Antivirus o MC Caf , Avira ,AVG , Kasperskey,Norton.

  4. Which was the 1st search engine in the Internet? a) Google b) Archie... c) Alta vista d) WAIS

  5. Archie : Alan Entage, Bill Heelan, J Peter Deutsh Google : Larry Page & Sergey Bin

  6. World Computer literacy day: a) January 22nd b) March 5th c) May 20h d) December 2nd. World computer security day November 30

  7. Which one is the 1st fully supported 64 bit operating system? a) Windows vista b) Windows 7 c) Linux. d) Mac

  8. Linux Free software OLinus Benedict OWritten in primary C and assembly language Initial release-5th October 1991 Torvals

  9. What type of a software is an operating system? a) Application software b) system software.. c) Embedded software d) Personal Computer software

  10. System software eg: operating system, utility softwares Coordinates the operation of the various hardware components of a computer Application Software : designed to help to perform specific tasks

  11. DTP: Desk Top publishing ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange HTML Hyper Text Markup Language HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol URL: Uniform Resources Locator FTP : File Transfer Protocol

  12. 66 a punishment for sending offensive message through communication service 65 Tampering with computer system document 66: hacking 66 b: Receiving stolen computer or communication device 66 c Identity theft 66 d: cheating by personation by using computer resources 66E Violation of privacy 67 A Pornography 67 B Child pornography