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Sentence Reordering PYQs of SSC CGL: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Sentence Reordering PYQ's of SSC CGL

Suyash Goyal
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sir where to execute these the one you taught inn this video of age and movie relation
sir mujhe chsl ka exame qualified karna hai kya al mujhe preparation kara sakte hai
Suyash Goyal
7 months ago
Hello Rajeev.. Please follow my courses on Unacademy and let me know if you face any difficulty in anything
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  2. Reordering of Sentences (Previous Year Questions - SSC CGL)

  3. P: We may see alcohol and tobacco advertisements everywhere, on television, in newspaper, on street ads card etc. Q: But we know the truth is alcohol and cigarette are harmful for people's health and sometimes it may bring bad effects to self- impression R: Alcohol ads usually create several feints to tell people that alcohol is . 3o O for ether hand, the malign in fuence of advertisements shows On the other hand, the malign influence of advertisements shows smoking as something "cool". . Options: 1) PRSQ 2) PSQR 3) QRSP 4) RSPQ Correct Answer: PRSQ

  4. .P: If the intention is just to consume whatever comes from the West, then it is harmful Q: Some of its effects are really helping and positive as it increases initiative and entrepreneurship qualities provided taken in that spirit. R: At the same time state's strategic intervention is essential because more than 40% of people live below poverty line. S: The impact of economic reforms are mixed Options: 1) SRQP 2) SQPR 3) RQPS 4) QPSR Correct Answer: SQPR

  5. P: The political awakening cannot be an isolated phenomenon; it requires some changes in social structure so that woman can enjoy as important a place as man occupies. Q: Unfortunately our customs and traditions conspired with her economic dependence to make her unimportant in our society R: Democracy in India can be a success only when the Indian women are politically awakened S: Moreover they should be free to express their opinion, to act as they like and to assert themselves in all departments of life . Options: 1) PSQR 2) SQPR 3) PRSG 4) RPSQ Correct Answer: RPSQ

  6. P: No partner is expected to air the views of a particular group in public. Q: The only requirement is that the coalition partners have to stick to a code of conduct. R: Every coalition party has to own the responsibility for all government policies or actions. S. Experience has now shown that a coalition government can run as smoothly as any single party government. Options: 1) QRPS 2) RQPS 3) SQRP 4) PQSR Correct Answer: SQRP

  7. P: Biographies of great men can also help us in learning good manners. Q: Courtesy and politeness is the key to good manners. R: No doubt these are little words but if they are spoken at the right moment and in a soft and sweet voice, they are bound to work wonders S: The use of polite words like "Sorry", "Please", "Thank you", "Beg your pardon", "Sir" etc. creates a healthy impact on the minds of others. Options: 1) PRSQ 2) RPSQ 3) QPSR 4) SPQR Correct Answer: QPSR

  8. P: One has to work hard to establish, develop and maintain deep and lasting bonds with those who matter in one's life Q: As "Man is not an island entire of itself', he cannot be happy in isolation R: Humans live out their life in the company of their family, friends, colleagues, superiors, even total strangers in buses and lifts. S: And, brick by brick, they must build their relationship with each one, to lay a secure foundation for their road to happiness. . Options: 1) SPRQ 2) RQSP 3) QSPR 4) QRSP Correct Answer: QRSP