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Second Satyagraha
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How Gandhiji planned second satyagraha. How he paralyzed whole administration and get the Indian relief act passed

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  1. Mahatma Gandhi . 1869 Born Marriage at the age of 13. Studied law in England. Came back to India for prac Found a break with Dada Abdulla

  2. Sudipt Kumar Graduate Computer Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering . Teaching experience : Geography, General Science, English, Economics, Modern History. . Examination Qualified CEE Engineering Written 3 civil service mains. - SSC CGL (3 times), GATE, FTII, CAT, TISSNET, DU LLB, IlSc If You like the video please share, comment and like it.

  3. Questions . When was Natal Indian Congress formed? . Who was Gandhi's client in S. Africa? Name of the Railway Station where Gandhiji was thrown off a train for riding first class. Why PBD celebrated on 9th January? Who was secretary of Gandhiji in S.Africa? Of whom Gandhiji was influenced? When gandhiji returned back to S. Africa? Name the places where Gandhiji was jailed in S. Africa. Which newspaper gandhiji started in S.Africa?

  4. Arrival in S. Africa * Found break with Dada Abdullah and sons .1893 - Arrived in S. Africa Hot topic - Indian immigration . Durban courthouse visit incident Local newspaper - Natal advertiser.

  5. amous train incident in On way to Pretoria conductor asked him to move to 3rd class. . Ejected from the train in Pietermaritzburg * 7th June 1893. . His active non-violence started from that date.

  6. Rise of Gandhi After a year, court ruled in his client's favour and the case settled amicably Guests, mostly Indian merchants, asked Gandhi to stay and fight for their cause for a year. Before morning, Gandhi formed a petition and committee Petition presented with 10,000 signature to Ripon who set aside bill temporarily.

  7. Rise of Gandhi Law passed in 1896 disqualifying non- European voters. . Committee evolved into Natal Indian Congress. (1906-1913) Gandhi's political influence and involvement grew, drawing ire from white pollution of Natal. Moved to Johannesburg - 1903

  8. Gandhi Abused . 1896 - returned to India to take back his wife and sons, Manilal and Harilal by ship SS courtland Article on Gandhi's green pamphlet in Natal area. Put to quarantine - allowed after 20 days. Attorney General Harry Escombe and Superintendent of Police, Alexander

  9. The big hearted Gandhi 17th October, 1899 - he persuaded Indians to sign up for ambulance corps in Anglo boers wars. . The bloody Battle of Spioenkop. . Churchill and Louis Botha were also present. . Got medals for same. Also helped in 1904 during Johannesburg plague.

  10. Gandhi : Indian Opinion Initially published in four languages (Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil and English). . 1904 - office relocated to phoenix settlement. * On communal lines - school, clinic, homes. * Indian home rule and Hind Swarai - first book.

  11. Satyagrah . 1906 Marked start of resistance. . Against act of registration. . Gandhi refused and encouraged burning of passes at Hamidia mosque. * 1913 - Second satyagrah for 3 pound tax on ex indentured Indian workers and refusal to recognize Hindu and Muslim marriages. Result passing of Indian relief act - 1914