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28 month of congress rule
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Discussion on the in and out of Congress ministerial rule in provinces and it's assessment.

Sudipt kumar
I am Sudipt. Written 3 Civil service mains. Other exams cleared - SSC CGL, GATE, CAT, FTII, IISc, TISS. I love playing table tennis. I have

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  1. Mahatma Gandhi in India . 1869 Born Marriage at the age of 13. Studied law in England. Came back to India for prac Found a break with Dada Abdulla

  2. Sudipt Kumar Graduate Computer Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering . Teaching experience : Geography, General Science, English, Economics, Modern History. . Examination Qualified CEE Engineering Written 3 civil service mains. - SSC CGL (3 times), GATE, FTII, CAT, TISSNET, DU LLB, IlSc If You like the video please share, comment and like it.

  3. Questions Where gandhiji addressed his first public meeting in India . Who was political guru of gandhiji? Who persuaded gandhiji to com to Bihar? . When rowlatt act was passed? Who ordered killing of people in jallianwala bagh? Which newspaper raised 30k pound for general dyer for killing people in jallianwala bagh? Who was khalifa and its relation with khilafat movement ? When was lucknow pact? Who were lawyers in 1920 non cooperation? When gandhiji presided congress session?

  4. Arrival in India - 1915 Political guru - GKG . Travelled for a year - shantiniketan, kumbh mela haridwar, establish 'satyagrah ashram' at kochrab, awarded "kaiser-e hind" He said he wont be joining any political party unless that party accept non violent satyagrah approach

  5. 1916-18 Meet Jawahar lal nehru for first time at Lucknow congress. Champaran Satyagrah Rajkumar shukla - Tinkathia System Ahmedabad Mill strike (1918 hunger strike) Over discontinuation of plague bonus. Given -20 percent Kheda Satyagrah Draught crop failure Revenue code if produce less than 1/4th normal produce. Sardar patel and Indulal Yagnik.

  6. owla Repressive Indefinitely extending emergency powers, indefinite detention, incarceration without trail, arrest w/o warrant, no accuser identification Constitutional measures failed thus gandhiji roped in younger members of Home rule league and Pan Islamists Note Involvement of artisans, peasants urban poor started. . Methods - Hartals Arrest and imprisonment Fast and prayers

  7. Jallianwala Bagh (1919) Arrest of congress leaders Dr. Satyapal and Saifuddin Kitchlew People unaware of prohibitary orders, gathered to protest against arrest. General Dyer jammed only exit and open fired on lady, children and men w/o weapons killing 1000 people Rabindranath renounced title of Knighthood.

  8. Khilafat and Non- coperation (1919-22) . Reason Bad economic, Rowlatt act, Hunter commission, Lucknow Pact, radical natinalist muslims like Mohammed Ali, Hasrat Mohani, Abul Kalam Azad, Hakim Ajmal Khan. Khilafat issue: Sultan of Turkey, Khalifa Turkey aligned with Germany and against Britain. Turkey dismembered and khalifa removed Khiilafat committee was formed by Ali brothers, Ajmal khan, Hasrat mohani, Maulana Azad

  9. Khilafat and Non- coperation (1919-22) Gandhiji was president of All India Khilafat committee Stopping of co operation with britishers by boycotting British goods. Congress reluctantly supported khilfat after a lot of convincing by gandhiji of tilak and also for boycott of legislative council . June 1920, all party conference approved for boycott of school, colleges, court, administration, services

  10. Consequences of Khilafat and Non- coperation (1919-22) 90,000 students left govt school and colleges. Several lawyers left practice : Aruna asaf ali, JLN, Motilal Nehru, CR Das, rajagopalachari etc. July 1921 Ali brother gave a call to resign from army on religion ground. 1 Feb 1922 gandhiji threatened to launch civil disobedience movement from Bardoli. . Chauri chaura incident Arrest of Gandhiji - March 1922

  11. 1930 (Civil disobedience movement) *Salt Satyagrah - Against tax on salt. * 26th Jan 1930 celebrated as independence day. 388 km, imprisoning over 60,000 people. Saw women participation. May 5, 1931: Gandhi is arrested for violating the Salt Laws; non-cooperation movements break out across India January 1931: British government yields to protests, releases all prisoners, invites a Congress representative to Britain for a Round Table Conference

  12. 1942 Cripps mission - dominion status. Quit India movement.