Scientific techniques for students to improve productivity
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In this lesson, the concepts like mind maps, Cornell Notes system, Pomodoro technique etc. are covered, which will improve one's productivity.

Roman Saini
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Awesome techniques , I have been applying these in my life and really very helpful.Sir when we will get the test series and 800 mcq on geography ? And is there any other course for IR except Aaditya mishra course . I completed his course.
Awesome lecture sir can u make a video related to the problem of jobless economic growth of India...
sir, will you make a course on environment and ecology???
its already done on unacademy and youtube as well
chk it out..env n ecology lectures r already posted
hi....@ karishma & Ruchi........Thankyou for response........that 18 lessons is old one.....Roman sir said that he is going to make new course........Did he????
Content are same it comulsory to read Shankar IAS....any alternatives to it...strategy?? please suggest
@Avinash : the contents are same + 4 lessons of biology class 12 ncert and for current issues romn sirs mcq + hindu
ok..thank you so much....last question....Shankar IAS book on Env & ecology?? Is it essential??? or above is sufficient?
if time permits.. but i till feel above is sufficient
ok...thankyou so much.....
Did any one made a video on last 4 chapters of class XII NCERT biology??
Chemistry chapters are also important of class 11 last chapter please go through
go thru this @avinash for more clearity...
sir please make a lesson on how to control your sex drive/raging hormones, when you are intentionally refraining yourself from dating anyone.
Let me tell you how I controlled it , well for me spiritual inclinations work , somehow I break them and then it's all feeling of guilt. If you need to know more about it listen to Sandeep Maheshwari lecture
You have to divert the energy into some other activity which you find enjoying.It could be anything from your hobby.Yogi's of old generation used to do exactly the same thing.You can read think and grow rich by napolean hill chapter 7
Try the Heartfulness Relaxation here - instantly provides with much needed focus and composure for such exams
first of all change the word 'sexy' from your profile name, sir.
sir , can we completely depend on unacademy current affairs videos by deepanshu sir ?Do we need to study The Hindu again after preparing from the videos of unacademy
As if awsm courses for UPSC were not enough, now here are the lessons for college also. Roman sir if there can be a fully dedicated course on smart study for college students, that would be really helpful. Also we can surely get benefitted from your experience
i have filled my DAF of civil services pre-2017 and also submitted it. but now i find that i choose wrong optional subject for mains exam can i change it.please help me. what can i do now.
fill a completely new form :) i mean do registration again ..!
apply fresh....latest submitted application will be consider for same name
Sir please make a lecture on drawing an ideal opinion as lot of questions are there as critically analyse. so we know the pros and cons but how to draw a radical opinion on that. please
Thank you sir for this awesome lecture.... waiting for more brief lectures on time, note and self management. can you add some practical notes and mind maps of upsc.
Roman bhai. Plz make a explainer on a very confusing and complex topic Representation of Peoples Act - 1950 & 1951. Its salient features and significance.
Batman !
16w ago
Also make a lesson Explaining - Judicial activism v/s Judicial review