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Science Model Test 8 ( in Tamil)
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It's very useful for RPF RRB TNPSC competitive exam

Saravana Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saravana Kumar
# Founder of "Tamizha Academy" # l cleared TNTET # I have 7 years experience in competitive exams (TNPSC, TNTET, POLICE, ARMY, RRB)

Unacademy user
please uplode with the speed of flash
Pranav Pundarik
2 years ago
Yes yes brother ! I can understand ! My college exams are about to start ! So I am a bit slow in uploading lessons here ! I will do it brother! So so sorry for the delay ! And yes, now you can personally message me for any kind of doubt, any conceptual problem, any question you are unable to solve !
Mikku raja
2 years ago
how can i contact you
Pranav Pundarik
2 years ago
Update your Unacademy app. Go to my profile. You will get an option where there is an option to follow, adjacent to it, you will get an option, 'Message'. From there, you can message me directly !!! :)
Mikku raja
2 years ago
ok sir
Sir, அதிகம் உயிரியல் கேள்விகளே உள்ளது இன்னும் பல இயற்பியல் மற்றும் வேதியியல் கேள்விகள் பதிவு செய்யவும் நன்றி
Thank you so much sir

  2. A) 36.90 C B) 98.40 F C) 39.6 C D) 3100 K

  3. A) 1000 B) 100 D) 10 6.6

  4. A) 2- 4.5 B) 0.25-2 C) 2-7.2 D) 2 6.5