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SBI PO: 2019 Important puzzle for Bank Exam (in hindi)
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Amit Kumar Gautam
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Sir, my humble request to you please provide solution below puzzles During one week, a human resource director conducts five interviews for a new job, one interview per day, Monday through Friday. There are six candidates for the job—Rajan, Sachin, Tarun, Asha, Vanya and Kunal. No more than two candidates are interviewed more than once. Neither Sachin nor Asha nor Vanya is interviewed more than once and no other candidate is interviewed more than twice. The schedule of interviews is subject to the following conditions (i) If Tarun is interviewed, then he must be interviewed on both Monday and Friday. (ii) If Sachin is interviewed, then Asha is also interviewed, with Sachin’s interview taking place earlier than Asha’s interview. (iii) If Rajan interviewed twice, then Rajan’s second interview takes place exactly two days after Rajan’s first interview. (iv) If Vanya is interviewed, then Kunal is interviewed twice, with Vanya's interview taking place after Kunal’s first interview and before Kunal’s second interview. (v) If Asha is interviewed, then Rajan is also interviewed, with Asha’s interview taking place on a day either immediately before or immediately after a day on which Rajan is interviewed.