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(Hindi) SBI PO: 2019 Important Puzzles for SBI PO/Clerk: Handwritten Steps


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Amit Kumar Gautam

puzzle are very important for all banking examinations and one should know the best method of solving it to sail through the examination. in this course the educated discuss the art of solving puzzles by handwritten step on daily basis.



4 reviews

Priya Kumari

reviewed on Apr 18, 2019

superb sir........ please more then question nd MAINS level question provide.....thnku so much sir

Riju Chatterji

reviewed on May 11, 2019

Sir, your contents are of high quality but the way you explain things is very confusing. It seems that you yourself are reading the slides for the first time. Due to this it becomes very hard to understand what you are trying to make us understand. Also the sound is very low. If you can improve these things then combined with the quality of the content, your courses will be superhit. Thank you and all the best.


reviewed on Apr 17, 2019

Sir, sorry to tell you that the way u explain things is quite confusing and you yourself seem to be learning while teaching and more over your voice is not at all audible. but one thing is for sure your contents are of high standards. So if you work upon two things it will be quite beneficial for us. thanks and regards !!

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