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Sample Questions on Statements and Conclusions
in question 3, what will be the assumptions ? and what is difference in both the case ?
Tanzia Naaz
10 months ago
Hi Pratik , Assumptions are said to be implicit ( hidden) and should favour the statement (be positive). Here in above example : Whenever some one says like this Ramu is one of the probable student for securing 1st rank => what is first thing that comes to your mind ; that ramu is a good / bright (or any quality like being good at studies etc) student and hence most likely to secure 1st rank , though in the statement they never mentioned that he is good at studies the only thing they mentioned was probable student to secure 1st rank ( hidden part - hint taken from here ) now i.e. an assumption . Conclusion are more like results that follows the statement here in the statement they mentioned that Ramu is one of the probable student to secure 1st Rank which means most likely to secure 1st rank : two results are possible either he will secure 1st rank or he will not secure 1st rank.I hope your doubt is cleared .Keep learning and all the best
Pratik More
10 months ago
thank you