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Samaasam-Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)
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This video is about the Malayalam grammar topic Samaasam

Bibi Mohanan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bibi Mohanan
I have a teaching experience of 7 years . I run two YT channeIs My Notebook & EEE Made Easy. I did M.Tech in photonics and BTech in EEE

Unacademy user
A sells an apple at a loss of 10%. If he had sold it at a profit of 5%, he would have earned Rs 75. What is the cost price of Apple?
Meeran Shaikh
2 years ago
Vinay Singh
2 years ago
shaik explanation pls
speed കൂടുതലാണ്
Bibi Mohanan
4 months ago
Aano..തുടക്കത്തിലേ ഉള്ള വീഡിയോ ആണ്. ഇപ്പൊൾ plusilum spcl class lum same topic und
Anujith Sekhar
4 months ago
ok njn plusil grammar apply cheyunna oru course thudagamo including previous questions
Naj Sajin
3 months ago
speed kurachitt kaananulla option undalloo..1× il kandaal madi
Sinu cheriyan
3 months ago
Nice lessons.... Aadhyamaayi malayalathodu interest thonni... Thanku
good class mam. very very helpful to me ...
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