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RRB JE PQY 27/08/2015Part-1(Hindi)
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Shashi Kumar
Civil Engg.(B.Tech,M.Tech), GATE, UPSC ESE, More than 5 year working Experience as an Assistant Professor. YouTube Channel/Facebook Page/Te

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  1. RRB JE (CBT-1) RRB JE PYO-27-08-2015 Part-1) eaderboard Based on views in the last 30 days #1 ESE-Civil Engineering #1 BPSC #2 GATE (Civil) SHASHI KUMAR Assistant Professor #5 ESE Mechanical Engineering #7 RPSC

  2. unacademy Follow me on the Unacademy 75.1k 4.8 Shashi Kumar v Engine Facebook Pae 7.7k 8 c Tech) More than 4 year working Learning App 38 Follow Get updates about new courses . Watch all my lessons . Download slides and watch offline All courses (38) (Hindi) Design of Footing (LSM)-GATE (Cv Q shashi Kumar 85 (Hindi) Top 500 Questions Subject Wise Part 2 GATE

  3. RRB JE (CBT-1 RRB JE PYQ-27-08-2015 (Part-1 Approved Faculty from MDU & UPTU Perfect Presence Award of Dec-2018 Verified Educator/Star Educator/Plus Educator B.Tech in Civil Engineering M.Tech in Structure Engineering Worked in many Universities as an Assistant Professor. unacademy Shashi Kumar Assistant Professor

  4. RRB JE 2015 27-08-2015 28-08-2015 Q. No. - 91 to 150 Each question carry one marks 1/3 mark will be deducted for wrong answer

  5. 1. Which statement is not true for a game of Badminton? (a) Total points to be scored are 21 (b) If both sides score upto game point the winner needs two clear points in a row (c) The game never ends in a draw (d) Total points to be scored are 15 2. Paralympics is a multisport event involving those athletes who are (a) only visually challenged (b) only impaired hearing (c) just mentally challenged (d) with a range of physical disability

  6. 3. Whose saying 'Earth has enough for man's need but not enough for man's greed's often being quoted by speakers on Environment? (a) Independent India's first Prime Minister (b) The second President of India (c) The Environmentalist, Madhav Gadgil (d) The father of our nation 4. The country called 'Land of the Rising Sun'is (a) Norway (b) Sweden (c) China (d) Japan

  7. 5. The term collegium system was recently seen in the newspapers. With (a) Education (c) Politics which field is this term associated? (b) Judiciary (d) Constitution 6. One of the following is not an objective of the Mid-day Meal scheme in school launched by the government. Select from options given below (a) Provide primary nutritional support to children in the Primary stage of (b) Encourage disadvantaged section of the society to attend school (c) Improve the nutritional status of children in the primary section education regularly and concentrate in studies (d) Bridge the gender and social category gaps in schools at the primary level itself

  8. 7. Which one out of the values of the Indian constitution means' having complete freedom and being the supreme authority? (a) Socialism (b) Secularism (c) Sovereignty (d) Liberty 8. There are two forms of government, presidential and parliamentary (a) India-Parliamentary, England-Parliamentary, US-Parliamentary (c) India-Parliamentary, England-Parliamentary, US-Presidential Which type of government do India US and England have? (b) India-Presidential, England-Parliamentary, US-Presidential (d) All three countries have Presidential form

  9. 9. If you were to measure the strength of a current which instrument would you look for? (a) Voltmeter (b) Thermometer (c) Ammeter (d) Barometer 10. Another term for genetic engineering is (a) Recombinant DNA technology (b) Polymerase Chain Reaction (c) DNA Fingerprinting (d) DNA Typing

  10. 11. Which function of the body is not carried out by long bones? (a) Providing support to legs (b) Formation of blood (c) Making the neck rotate to body bend on the sides (d) Serving as a platform for attachment of muscles 12. Which disease does Quinine cure and from which plant is it obtained? (a) Malaria; Cinchona (b) Blood Pressure; Rawolffia (c) Tuberculosis; Nicotiana (d) Jaundice; Hibiscus

  11. 15. Who built the Pyramids? (a) Pharaohs (b) Confucians s (c) Chinese (d) Romans 16. The king of Mauryan Empire who in 322 BC uprooted Greeks from Punjab and Nandas from the Gangetic plane was (a) Chandragupta (b) Bindusara (c) Ashoka (d) Mahapadmananda

  12. 19. Hair dyes may contain the base (a) Sodium Hydroxide (b) Ammonium Hydroxide (c) Calcium Hydroxide (d) Potassium Hydroxide 20. A bicycle pump works on the principle (a) When volume decreases, pressure increases When volume increases, pressures increases (c) Air pressure at one point becomes zero (d) At one point volume and pressure becomes equal