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Research Ethics MCQs- l (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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obviously we want mcq session sir... sir plz explain rule no xiv one more time ...plz sir
Aman Trivedi
2 years ago
ok when I add MCQ, I'll explain rule XIV again
Sanjib Hazra
2 years ago
thank you sir
yes sir 4 question is confusing
sir diwali k din video bnayi thi kyaa??
sir Q-4 m all of the above aana Chahiye?
your lesson helps a lot sir .... thanks

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  4. 1. Which of the following are aims of the ethical codes by which psychology researchers operate? Protection of participants from distress . Protection of the researcher from harm Protection of organizations involved in research from legal consequences . All of the above

  5. 2. What is our general advice with respect to the .So long as you did not set out to harm participants .Research that involves risk to participants should not " There are typically no hazards in student research .None of the above concept of do no harm? you have nothing to worry about be carried out by students studies.

  6. 3.Which of the following corresponds to our advice on ethical approval for your project? Your study must be approved in full the first time you submit to the ethics committee, otherwise you will fail the project. . . You must wait for ethics committee approval before beginning data collection. Pilot work does not need ethical approval. All of the above.

  7. 4. Which of the following are forms of physical harm that might affect participants in a psychology research project? . Accidental injury on equipment Fatigue from activity Altered consciousness or cognitive function due to abstention from normal activities such as eating All of the above

  8. 5. What do we advise as regards steps to minimize and manage the risk of physical harm in your study? The participant information sheet needs to state clearly who is not eligible to take part. There is no need to worry about delayed effects, so long as participants are normal when they leave the lab First aid staff can be expected to attend your data collection sessions just in case anything goes wrong. None of the above .

  9. 6. Which of the following are forms of psychological harm that might affect participants in a psychology researc h studv? . Embarrassment Intrusive thoughts . Fear . All of the above

  10. 7. What steps can you take to minimize the risk of psychological harm to participants in a psychology research study? Have a plan of what to do if someone cries during the study. . Ask people to leave the room immediately if they seem distressed. . Ask people to leave if they become angry during the study. None of the above.