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Renaissance of Kerala Part 8 (in Malayalam)
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This video is about Ayyankali- one of the famous Renaissance leaders of Kerala

Bibi Mohanan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

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  1. Renaissance of Kerala-PART8 Prepared By, Bibi Mohanan

  2. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Birth place- Venganore(Trivandrum) o Born in- 1863 o He was born in Pulaya community had suffered social disabilities through ages o Father -Ayyan o Mother Mala

  3. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Founded - Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham iin 1907 o In recognition to his services to the community, He was nominated to the Sri Mulam Praja Sabha in 1910( also in years 1914 & 1915) o He was the first Harijan member of Sri Mulam Praja Sabha

  4. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Indira Gandhi installed the sculpture of Ayyankali o At Kawadiyar square , Trivandrum o In 1980 o Ezra David was the sculptor o Indira Gandhi called him - "The Great Son of India"

  5. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Gandhiji gave him the title "Pulaya Raja" o Ayyankali memorial is at - Chitrakoodam, Venganore o Ayyankali Boat race is conducted at - Vellayani lake ,Trivan drum

  6. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Conducted Villuvandi agitation in 1893 o His first struggle was for the right to use the public roads by the downtrodden people o Kallumala agitation,1915 o Freedom for the backward caste ladies to wear upper cloth.

  7. Ayyankali(1863-1941) o Gandhiji visited him in1937 o Ayyankali started a school to teach dalit children at venganoor ( Kudipallikkoodam-1905) o In 1938, Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham became Pulaya o Important agitations participated by Ayyankali Pullad o Perinadu revolt in Kollam also led by Ayyankali Maha Sabha agitation & Nedumangadu agitation

  8. Ayyankali(1863-1941) 04 o The Uruttambalam riot" ( Thonnoo ram lahala/Pulaya riot) in 1915 o He wrote the book "Ente Ormakal" o Avyankali Urban employment Guarantee Scheme was launched by Govt of Kerala in 2010 o He died at the age of 77 on 18 June, 1941

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