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Recommendations of Nehru Report, Responses to it and Jinnah's fourteen demands
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This lesson is on the Recommendations of Nehru Report and Jinnah's fourteen demands

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I wants , this solutions in Hindi language
Dominion status as in colonial India was a system under which major sections of administration would come under British rule and others would be governed by Indian representatives, or India would be ruled by two separate entities.
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  1. gong Dominions dissociatim ot slate Jom regin Sindians to dakise jarum o Neru damand perJ Ce ertion to Musliw tion -bo

  2. Mahasabha appas nd to thue skouisions Ase 192e eaua usctue daaHF Constitution INC Madvas S. 1927 Boas ba derachad unitav w the peposut Hese uad ^eats d Paaties aL. shruitue Mim L.A 3 Populatin) majotity asas) . e. -to demands watLtu adu aceono dala L Simdh, Baluchistan) Matoh

  3. Jinnah's Fourteen Demands * Federal Constitution with residual powers to provinces ^ Provincial autonomy * No constitutional amendment by the Centre without the concurrence of the States constituting Indian federation * All Legislatures and elected bodies to have adequate representation of Muslims in every province without reducing a majority of Muslims in a province to a minority or equality * Adequate representation to Muslims in the services and in self governing bodies

  4. one-third Muslim representation in the Central Legislature In any cabinet at the Centre or in the provinces, one-third to be Muslims * Separate electorates No bill or resolution in any legislature to be passed if three-fourths of a minority community consider such a bill or resolution to be against their interests Any territorial redistribution not to affect the Muslim majority in Punjab, Bengal and NWFP * Separation of Sindh from Bombay Constitutional reforms in the NWFP and Baluchistan * Full religious freedom to all communities *Protection of Muslim rights in religion, culture, education and language