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Recently Asked General Science Questions: Part 1 (in Malayalam)
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malayalam koodi answer parayiu
Ashna Shaji
a year ago
Sure. Thank you
chechi,srceen onnu stable aakku pls
Ashna Shaji
a year ago

  2. When lgh pts tn s urs,the phenamenon is called? dispersion of light

  3. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet White Light Glass Prism

  4. 2.Thermal radiations are electromagnetic wave belonging to which region? Infrared Region 3.Which electromagnetic wave has the longest wavelength? Radio

  5. 4.Which ore contains both calcium and magnesium? Dolomite Ore Name Chemical Name Metal Present

  6. Ore Name Hematite Bauxite Galena Cinnabar Malachite Chemical Name Iron Oxide Aluminum oxide Lead sulphide Mercury Sulphide Copper Carbonate Metal Present Iron Aluminum Lead Mercury Copper

  7. 5 Which is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the Earth's crust? Oxygen

  8. /K (2.09%) Ti (0.57%) [H (0.14%) Mg (2.33%) Na (2.36%) Ca (4.15%) Fe (5.63%)- AI (8.32%) Oxygen (46.4%) Most common Silicon (28.2%) elements in the

  9. 6.Which is the most of India's rainfall? Cyclonic A satellite image shows massive cloud coverage over Rajasthan and movement of cyclone Komen in the Bay of Bengal Oingh

  10. bu SME Multan be Kathmandu Bhutan .JDP JP JDP. 19H LXP Karachi CAL YB Bangkok MNC