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Reading Comprehension 1 (in Hindi)
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Reading comprehension on an article based on exam pattern along with questionnaire and its detailed discussion.

Roshan kumar
Currently, I am a lecturer for the subject English.Formerly, have served in an MNC.

Unacademy user
Mona Choudhary
6 months ago
good... keep it up.. lesson pasand aaya toh course ko rate aur review kijiye🙏😊
more questions should be there
Roshan kumar
3 months ago
Yes...but I have time constraint..hope u understand...u can ask any of ur doubts will be replied immediately
nda bisa bhasa indonesia??
Roshan kumar
7 months ago
Sorry I didn't get ur point
  1. Reading Comprehension For SSC Exams

  2. Roshan Kumar Currently, I am a lecturer in English for SSC Exams. Formerly, A Subject matter Expert in English at Testbook

  3. Reading Comprehension for SSC Exams, on exam oriented pattern with Questionnaire

  4. "MK Gandhi's vision of Ram Rajya" Whether we consider the Ramayana as history or mythology ,it cannot be denied that the concept of Ram rajya is an integral part of our own cultural inheritance. Establishment of Ram rajya has been the ultimate ideal of genuine political leaders , right from those engaged in India's freedom struggle led by Gandhiji, to those in successive elected govts., post independence. Writing in 'Young India', Gandhiji had said: " By Ram Rajya, I do not mean Hindu Raj. I mean Ram Raj, the kingdom of God.For me, Ram and Rahim are one and the same; I acknowledge no other god than the one god of truth and righteousness.

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