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Read to Succeed
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This lesson is about how to develop a good reading habit. Reading plays a vital and significant role in our lives. If we develop this habit, it will help us throughout our lives.

Anushree Pandey
Gold medalist, MBA graduate, Technocrat, and passionate about Photography.

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  1. ANUSHREE PANDEY Pursuing MBA from Motilal Nehru Institute of Research and Business Administration Freelance writer Tech geek Photographer


  3. PEOPLE WHO LEAD. It is well known fact that people who read, always lead. We have heard that books are our best friends. Reading habit is a well planned and deliberate method of study. It is a common practice since time immemorial.

  4. IMPORTANCE OF READING HABITS Enhances knowledge. Improves vocabulary. Learn Dialects and languages. Brings tranquility. Keeps you aware and updated. Helps in overall development.

  5. CULTIVATE BETTER READING HABIT a reading goal. &Read at least 10-15 pages daily. sSet a particular reading time. Make a list of books for each month. Get a reading partner. Find a quite place.

  6. HOW TO DEVELOP A READING HABIT? Make a schedule for reading. Carrying a book with you at all times is a great trick to start reading more habitually. Create a list of books you can start reading but don't over do it Know when to give a book. Reading should be pleasurable give up if the book is boring. Get excited about the book. Read the review of the book. Reading to someone is also a fascinating way

  7. MIND TRAINING FOR BETTER READING Mind training is most important part of life. If you want to become an intelligent and efficient reader, you must adopt a strategy Many persons, otherwise very intelligent, are poor readers. They have no plan attack, no system. &So adopt a magical phrase introduced by Francis P. Robinson: Survey Question Read Restate Review

  8. SURVEY It means to get an overview, to have the overall picture. Instead of reading, you should just skim the contents. Get the author's purpose and audience. Focus more on the words in Italics. Note the signpost words. These indicates the direction of the thoughts. Look at the diagrams and tables. It provides an outline or framework.

  9. QUESTION . After surveying the material, you are still not ready to read. Never commence reading until you have a question in your mind. . You should be having questions before you start reading and while you are reading. . Reading is thinking plus question. By raising questions, we are able to memorize well. convert your heading and sub-headings into questions.

  10. READ Wa . Read in a curious manner. Read such that you are able to answer the question in previous activity The answer will usually be made up of the main idea of the paragraph.