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RC Passage PYQ's of SSC CGL: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Introduction of how to solve RC Passages

Suyash Goyal
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Sir your slides with handwritten notes were much better, they were helping us also how to make notes. Please rever back to that sir.
why it's not playing ?
Suyash Goyal
6 months ago
You're most welcome Vidushi🙂
Vidushi Chaudhary
6 months ago
how can I imprv vocabulary?????? sir
Suyash Goyal
6 months ago
Read English Newspaper daily. Write down important words and their meanings. Use them in your sentences as much as possible.
Vidushi Chaudhary
6 months ago
thankuuuuu so much Sir 🙏🙏
Thank you so much sir
Suyash Goyal
7 months ago
You're most welcome Ashwini 🙂
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  2. Reading Comprehension Passages (Previous Year Questions - SSC CGL)

  3. The conclusion of World Trade Organization's 11th biennial ministerial conference at Buenos Aires was worrisome. From an Indian standpoint, there was no loss as status quo continues in the most important issue: the right to continue the food security programme by using support prices. But the inability of the negotiators to reach even one substantive outcome suggests that WTO's efficacy is under question. As a 164-country multilateral organisation dedicated to crafting rules of trade through consensus, WTO represents the optimal bet for developing countries such as India. Strengthening WTO is in India's best interest. Perhaps the biggest threat to WTO's efficacy today is the attitude of the US. The world's largest economy appears to have lost faith in the organisation and has begun to undermine one of its most successful segments, the dispute redressal mechanism. This is significant as the US has been directly involved in nearly half of all cases brought to WTO. Separately, large groups of countries decided to pursue negotiations on e- commerce, investment facilitation and removal of trade obstacles for medium and small scale industries. By itself this should not weaken WTO. But it comes at a time when there is growing frustration with gridlock at WTO.

  4. India did well to defend its position on its food security programme. The envisaged reform package which will see a greater use of direct cash transfers to beneficiaries will be in sync with what developed countries do. But it's important for India to enhance its efforts to reinvigorate WTO. In this context, India's plan to organise a meeting of some countries early next year is a step in the right direction. WTO represents the best available platform to accommodate interests of a diverse set of nations. Therefore, India should be at the forefront of moves to fortify it.

  5. Why was the WTO's 11th binennial ministerial conference worrisome? Options: 1) Denial of states quo. 2) Inability of negotiators to reach to substantive outcome for the problems 3) Rift in the policies suggested by WTO on IPR. 4) Non-cooperation from Indian government on various matters. . Correct Answer: Inability of negotiators to reach to substantive outcome for the problems.

  6. What is the biggest threat to WTO's efficacy today? Options: 1) India being not working in its best interest. 2) Lost of faith in WTO by US 3) Negotiators of WTO are not decision takers. 4) WTO's lame attitude towards global trade . Correct Answer: Lost of faith in WTO by US

  7. Which of the following nation is keen to fortify its interest on WTC platform? Options: 1) USA 2) Japan 3) Russia 4) India Correct Answer: India

  8. Which of the following is the most successful segments of the WTO mentioned in the passage? Options: 1) Dispute redressal mechanism 2) Intellectual Property Rights 3) Reviewer of government's trade policies. 4) Agreement on trade in services. . Correct Answer: Dispute redressal mechanism

  9. According to the passage, which of the following statement is NOT true? Options: 1) 11th WTO conference was held at Nairobi. 2) India's take on food security programme in the WTO conference was positive. 3) US is termed as the world's largest economy. 4) US is involved directly in half of the cases brought to WTO . Correct Answer: 11th WTO conference was held at Nairobi.