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RBI and its guidelines (in Hindi)
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Harshit Shukla
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  3. 1. The 'Base rate system' which replaced BPLR in July 2010 on the recommendation of which committee? (a) Deepak Mohanti (b) Ketan Parikh (c) M. V. Nair (d) Basel committee (e) None of these 2, RBI has launched which of the following initiatives following the rise of CPI and WPI based inflation? (a) Inflation Expectations Survey of Households (b) Inflation Expectations Survey of Householder (c) Inflation Expectation Schedule of Homes (d) None of the above The accounting vear of RBI occurs between the months of? (a) (c) (e) 3. April - March July - June None of these (b) March - February (d) August July

  4. In which article RBI permitted to the co-operative special Account Supervision? (a) Art-30 (d) Art- 32 4 Banks for (b) Art-3 Art-33 (e) None of these 5. Who is appointed the Governor of Reserve Bank of India recently? (a) Dr. D. Subbarao (b) Dr. Y. V.Reddy (c) Dr. Bima Jalan (d) R.N. Malhotra (e) None of these The documents related to the new monotory policy passed by the Governor of RBI on? (a) 1 May, 2013 (b) 2 May, 2013 (c) 3 May, 2013 (d) 4 May, 2013 (e) None of these RBI was established on (a) April 1, 1935(b) August 14, 1942 (c) May25, 1875 (d) June 10, 1932 (e) None of these Under which act does RBI issue directives to banks? (a) PMLAAct, 2002 b) RBIAct, 1934 (c) DICGCAct, 1961 (d) Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (e) None of these

  5. 9. When the Reserve Bank of India (RBID is the lender of last resort, what does it mean? (a) RBI advances necessary credit against eligible securities (b) RBI advances money to public whenever there is any emergency Commercial banks give fund to the RBI All of the above None of the above (c) (d) (e) Which of the following is a fully-owned subsidiary of RBI? (a) BRBNMPL (c) DICGC (e) Only (a) and (b) Open market operations of RBI refers to? (a) buying and selling of shares (b) auctioning of foreign exchange (c) trading in securities (d) transactions in gold. e) None of these 10. (b) NHB (d) All of the above 11.

  6. 12. Monetary policy in India is formulated and implemented by? (a) Government of India (b) Reserve Bank of India (c) Indian Banks Association (d) FICCI (e) None of these Reserve bank of India follows which system for the issue of currency? (a) Minimum Reserve System (b) Proportionate Reserve System (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above (e) None of these Which of the following controls credit creation by the commercial Banks in India? (a) Ministry of Finance (b) Reserve Bank of India (c) Government ofIndia (d) State Bank of India (e) None of these 13. 14.

  7. 15. Note issuing department of Reserve Bank of India should always passes the minimum gold stock worth? (a) 85 crore (c) 200 crore (e) None of these In India which agency is entrusted with the collection of data of capital formation? (a) RBIand CSO (b) RBI and SBI (c) RBI and Other Bank (d) CSO and NSSO (e) None of these The Bank rate is the rate at which? (a) (b) (c) (d) (b) (d) 115 crore None of above 16. 17. a bank lends to the public the RBI lends to the public RBI gives credit to the Commercial Banks the Government of India lends to other countries ne

  8. 19. Which of the following provides the largest credit to agriculture and allied sectors? (a) Co-operative Banks with RBI (b) Regional Rural Banks (c) Commercial Banks (d) Co-operative and Regional Rural Banks (e) None of these Who implemented the 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) scheme for the identification of own customer/consumer? (a) RBI (c) ICICI (e) None of these Who is the custodian of India's Foreign Exchange Funds? (a) RBI (b) SBI (c) Government ofIndia (d) Central Bank (e) None of these Whopublished the financial report on currency and finance? (a) RBI (c) WTO (e) None of these 20. (b) SBI (d) HDFC 21. 22. (b) CSO (d) NSSO

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