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Banking terms (in Hindi)
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Harshit Shukla
VERIFIED and TOP EDUCATOR 2017|| Cleared IB ACIO,ssc cgl,chsl, IMD || techgeek ||Loves teaching writing and photography | |applelover

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i always confuse while solving questions on this topic. but i think after watching your full course i will be able to solve questions
Anupama Rani
9 months ago
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  2. 1. What is the full form of 'FINO', a term we see frequently in financial newspapers? (a) Financial Investment Network and Operations (b) Farmers' Investment in National Organisation (c) Farmers Inclusion News and Operations (d) Financial Inclusion Network and Operations (e) None of these 2 What does the letter 'L' denote in the term 'LAF' as referred every now and then in relation to monetary policy of the RBI? (a) Liquidity (d) Longitudina(e) Linear Which of the following terms is NOT a financial term? (a) Investment (b) ElNino effect (c) Corebanking Solution (d) RTGS (e) All are financial terms (b) Liability Leveraged 3. 4. The term Smart Money" refers to (a) Foreign Currency (b) Internet Banking (c) US Dollars (d) Travelers' cheques

  3. 5. We often come across the term SWIFT in financial newspapers. What is the expanded form of this term? (a) Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (b) Secure Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunica- (c) Society for Worldwide Intra-bank Financial (d) Security for Worldwide Interbank Financial (e) None of these tion Transaction Transaction 6. Many a time we read in financial newspapers about the performance of the "core sectors" in the economy. of the following is NOT included in the same? (a) Coal (c) Steel (b) Automobiles (d) Cement eum

  4. 8. In a bid to standardise and enhance the securi cheque forms, it has now been made mandatory for banks to issue new format of cheques called (a) CTS-2010 (d) CTS-2013 (b) CTS-2011 (c) CTS-2012 (e) None of these 9. The "Four Eyes" principle (mentioned by the Reserve Bank of India) refers to: (a) Lenders (c) Wealth Managers (d) (e) None of these NRE deposit is (a) Non Resident External deposit (b) Non Resident Extra deposit (c) Non Resident Exchange deposit (d) Non Refundable External deposit (e) Non Resident Extended deposit Which of the following is NOT a banking-related term? (a) SME Finance (b) Overdraft (c) Drawingpower (d) Sanctioning Authority (b) Borrowers Micro-Fananciers 10. 11.

  5. 12. What does the acronym LAF stand for? (a) Liquidity Adjustment Fund Liquidity Adjustment Facility Liquidity Adjustment Finance Liquidity Adjustment Factor None of these (b) (c) (d) (e) Which of the following terms is used in Banking Field? (a) Interest rate swap (b) Input devices (c) Sedimentary (d) Zero hour (e) Privilege motion What is "wholesale banking"? (a) (b) 13. 14. It is a bank-to-bank or B2B dealing. It is a bank-to-customer dealing. (c) (d) (e) It is a bank-to-trustworthy customer dealing. It is a bank-to-government dealing None of these

  6. 15. Trade between India and China is in a state of "Payment imbalance". What does this mean in real terms? (1) China imports less from India but India imports more from China. China delays payments to exporters India wants payments in US Dollars but wants to pay in Yuan. (2) (3) (a) Only1 (d) All 1,2 and3 (e None of these Banks are promoting "Branch less Banking" which means? (1) (b) Only2 (c) Only3 16. Banks will not reduce number ofbranches. Number of branches will be restricted and will concentrate on specified core business. Banks will launch/operate multiple delivery channels like ATMs, Mobile Banking/Internet Banking etc making visit to a branch unnecessary Banks will issue only debit or credit cards for daily financial transactions. Cheques/Cash payment will not be allowed. (2) (3) (a) Only l (c) Only 1 and 2 e All 1, 2 and 3 (b) Only2 (d) Only 2 and 3

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