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This course covers complete understanding of the Rajyasabha

Sandesh Sanke
UPSC aspirant,silver medalist in International Maths Olympiad, voracious reader, interested in polity

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thank you so much mam for all ur effort

  2. ABOUT ME UPSC CSE aspirant Silver Medalist in International Olympiad Voracious reader Interested in Polity Rate, Review and Share

  3. Parliament Loksabha Rajyasabha 2.

  4. COMPOSITION OF RAJYASABHA Maximum strength of Representatives - 250 Elected members 238 Members nominated by President 12

  5. TENURE OF RAJYASABHA Rajyasabha is a permanent house and not subject to dissolution. e One third members retire after every two years and this vacancies are filled by conducting elections on those vacant seats A member of Rajyasabha hold office for the period of six years

  6. QUALIFICATION OF MEMBERS Conditions to be eligible for conducting electiorn S/he must be a citizen of India. S/he must be above 30 years of the age. S/he must fulfill all to the qualifications as led down by an Act of Parliament. 2.

  7. DISQUALIFICATIONS I. If he/she hold any office of profit under Government of India and any State Government If s/he is of unsound mind and is so declared by a competent Court. If s/he is an undischarged insolvent. If s/he is not a citizen of India or has voluntarily acquired citizenship of a foreign State. If s/he is so disqualified under any law made by Parliament. 3. 4 5.

  8. METHOD OF ELECTION e This is an indirect election. Each state sends it's representatives as per number decided by Constitution Members of Legislative Assemblies can vote.

  9. PRESIDING OFFICERS Chairman and Vice-chairman are Presiding Officers of Rajyasabha. Vice-president of India is the ex-officio chairman of Rajyasabha. Vice-president is not a member of Rajyasabha,but a person who becomes Vice-president of India automatically becomes the Chairman of Rajyasabha

  10. TERMINATION OF CHAIRMAN OF RAJYASABHA . If s/he has resigned from his post. This post can become vacant due to death of Chairman of Rajyasabha. If resolution has been passed for removing him/her.