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Rajasthan उद्योग प्रसार अधिकारी IEO 2018 paper detailed explanation que 96-100
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Rajasthan उद्योग प्रसार अधिकारी IEO 2018 paper detailed explanation que 96-100

Goaurav Kumar
B.TECH, UCE, RTU, Kota/ RPSC aspirant Raj GK Educator/Detailed Understanding of Previous yr papers is Master Key for crack next Exam🎯🎯🎯

Unacademy user
It sounds weird and obscene when author discusses child pornography using the terms "agar ap harass karoge" "agar ap sexual assault". Please rectify.
great explanation👌👌👌👌
very good explanation sir keep it up
Good lesson 👌👌
  1. Rajasthan GK RPSC RSMSSB . Let us be familiar with Previous Papers

  2. Industry extension office Detailed Explanation RSMSSB, Rajasthan 22 July 2018 JE

  3. Goaurav Kumar Chhapola .B. Tech in electrical Engg.from University college of Engineering, RTU,Kota (UCE, RTU, KOTA) Mainly known as college Kota ( ECK, kota) RPSC Aspirant + Raj GK lover .Love reading and Teaching Raj. GK Like, share, Follow me on unacademy

  4. Target audience RPSC RSMSSB . RAS mains candidates . RPSC Raj A.En. Candidates Rajasthan 1st and 2nd grade teacher candidates . Raj lab assistant + women supervisor .RPSC ACF and forest range officer . UPSC + SSC RAILWAY +BANKING

  5. IEO2018 y ymhT / QUESTION BOOKLET / Code : 39 RISAT Number of Pages in Booklet 16 Number of Questions in Booklet: 100 Hqq / Time : 2.00 ER / Hours / Maximum Marks: 100 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Please correctly fill your Roll Number in O.M.R. Sheet Candidate will themself be responsible for filling wrong Roll No 2. At the start of the examination before attempting the question paper kindly check your test bookiet and OMR Answer Sheet and ensure that The serial numbers of test booklet and OMR answer sheet are same All pages of test booklet and OMR answer sheet are properly printed. All questions from S.No. 1 to last S.No 100 are printed and pages from S.No. 1 to last S. No. 16 are there in the question booklet. in case of any discrepancy l defect the candidate should immediately report the matter to the invigilator for replacement of test booklet and OMR answer sheet. No claim objection in this regard will be entertained after five minutes of start of | 3 .3TR TRIFFT ferFTwl 3 firamR ! Tra ,T 5 wre tr / 31 fa examination. Candidate will be liable for it. 3. Answer all questions 4. Ail questions carry equal marks 5. Only one answer is to be given for each question 3R TTIM HRI 7. Each question has four alternative responses marked | 7. was, fRF 3R f RT: atur 3 ; 6. If more than one answers are marked, it would be treated | 6. as wrong answer serially as (A), (B), (C), (D). You have to darken only one circle or bubble indicating the correct answer on the Answer Sheet using BLUE BALL POINT PEN. 8. 1/3 part of the mark(s) of each question will be deducted for each wrong answer. (A wrong answer means an incorrect answer or more than one answers for any question) 9. Use of Mobile Phone/Bluetooth Devices or any other | 9 , afsa15H arra def electronic gadget n the examination hall is strictly prohibited. If any such prohibited material found with any candidate, strict action will be taken against him/her as per rule 10. If there is any sort of ambiguity/mistake either of printing or factual nature in Hindi and English Version of the question, the English Version will be treated as standard Warning : lf a candidate is found copying or if any unauthorized material is found in his/her possession, F.LR, would be lodged against h m/her in the Police Station and he/she would liable to be prosecuted under Section 3 of the State Prevention of Unfair means Act, 1992 and Board Regulations. Board may also debar hmher permanently from all future examinationof | | : 3TR anz h 3Rfiya Tf Tet aR 3pmf 3 TH ERR gr FF ! 3 q ar ar Tat Tenn 1 at t wpr a the Board T anTfer 10 AT 1 / Do not open this test booklet until you are asked to do so. [P.T.O.

  6. Who was the first Lokayukta of Rajasthan? |98 (A) Shri I. D. Dua (B) Shri K. P. U. Menon (C) Shri Milap Chandra Jain (D) Shri Rangnath Mishra What are the correct qualifications for the appointment as Governor? (I) He should not hold any other office 95 (II) He should have completed the age of (III) He should not be the member of Select the correct code (C) (I) and (III) (D) (II) and (III) of profit. 30 years. Parliament and State Legislature (B) 4. 3, 96 Which one of the following is the smallest unit of administrative in Rajasthan? (A) District (B) Division (C) Tahsil (D) Panchayat Samiti (C) (I) (III) (D) (II) (III) 99 Who among the following is not a Rajya Sabha Member from Rajasthan? (A) Dr. Kirodilal (B) Shri Madanlal Saini (C) Shri Bhupendra Yadav (D) Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal (A) MT (B) 97 Who is the chairman of the committee, which appoints chairman and members of Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission? (A) Speaker of State legislative assembly (B) Leader of opposition (C) Chief Minister (D) Governor 100 Who presides over the meeting of Municipal Corporation? (A) Mayor (B) Speaker (C) Municipal Commissioner (D) District Megistrate (A) (D) 70 , 15 [P.T.O

  7. *RAS Pre -20)8 De teiles) Solucton Raj Lab Assis teu R016

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  9. 3x dustry Extend ion offiter.-2018 RSMSS B 22-July-20 18 , RAS Pye 2016 RPSC Dutaileo) explanato