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Rajasthan उद्योग प्रसार अधिकारी IEO 2018 paper detailed explanation que 70-76
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Rajasthan उद्योग प्रसार अधिकारी IEO 2018 paper detailed explanation que 70-76

Goaurav Kumar
B.TECH, UCE, RTU, Kota/ RPSC aspirant Raj GK Educator/Detailed Understanding of Previous yr papers is Master Key for crack next Exam🎯🎯🎯

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easy level tha sir thanks
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  1. Rajasthan GK RPSC RSMSSB . Let us be familiar with Previous Papers

  2. Industry extension office Detailed Explanation RSMSSB, Rajasthan 22 July 2018 JE

  3. Goaurav Kumar Chhapola .B. Tech in electrical Engg.from University college of Engineering, RTU,Kota (UCE, RTU, KOTA) Mainly known as college Kota ( ECK, kota) RPSC Aspirant + Raj GK lover .Love reading and Teaching Raj. GK Like, share, Follow me on unacademy

  4. Target audience RPSC RSMSSB . RAS mains candidates . RPSC Raj A.En. Candidates Rajasthan 1st and 2nd grade teacher candidates . Raj lab assistant + women supervisor .RPSC ACF and forest range officer . UPSC + SSC RAILWAY +BANKING

  5. 30 Ifpi and p2 are two odd prime numbers such that pi> P2 then Pi - P2 is (A) an even numbers (B) an odd number:s (C) an odd prime numbers (D) a prime numbers 26 Decimal form of the rational number (A) 0.7 (B) 0.142:8 (C) 0.142857(D) 0.142857 27 A father is three times as old as his son. After twelve years, his age will be twice as that of his son. The present age of the father is (A) 32 years (a) (B) 36 years (a)31 What is the unit digit in the product (C) 40 years (ad) (D) 48 years (a) 3 65 659 771 is 28 65 v (59 y 771 A, B and C separately can do a work in 10 days, 12 days and 15 days respectively. In how many days all three together can do the same work? (A) 2 days (C) 6 days 3 (A) I (C) 4 (B) 2 (D) 6 (B) 4 days (D) 8 days The largest 4-digit natural number exactly divisible by 7 and 11 is 32 (A) 2 (C) 6 ? (B) 4 (D) 8 (A) 9996 (C) 9933 (B) 9999 (D) 9911 29 What least natural number must be added 33 The three numbers are in ratio 3:2:5 and to 2010 to obtain a number which is completely divisible by 19? sum of their squares is 1862, then what will be the second number? (A) 3 (C) 5 (B) 4 (D) 6 (A) 7 (C) 21 (B) 14 (D) 35 39] + P.T.O

  6. 65 Which physiographic division of Rajasthan 70 How many wild life Sanctuaries are found is also known as 'bowl of grains'? (A) South Eastern plateau region (B) Aravalli hills region (C) Eastern plains (D) Banas basin in Rajasthan? (A) 33 wild life Sanctuaries (B) 38 wild life Sanctuaries (C) 25 wild life Sanctuaries (D) 07 wild life Sanctuaries 66 Rajasthan state accounts for how much percentage of total livestock of India? 71 Which of the following is not associated with soil erosion problem in Rajasthan? (A) Deforestation (B) Glacial action (C) Wind erosion (D) Water erosion (A) 9.9% (C) 18.30% (B) (D) 11.27% 15.80% 67 Which one of following district of Pakistan is not located on the International boundary of Rajasthan? (A) Bahawalpur (B) Khairpur (C) Meerpur HAT (D) Layalpur (C) itgr 68 Malwa plateau is the extension of (A) Southern Aravali (B) Haroti Plateau (C) Chambal Basin Hills (D) Himalayan extension 72 In Rajasthan, maximum administrative forest areas falls under which of the following categories? (A) Protected forests (B) Reserve forests (C) Unclassified forests (D) Restricted forests 69 Durgapur Kesar is a known species of ? (A) Datepalm (B) Coriander (C) Cummin seeds (D) Watermelon [P.T.O

  7. 73 How many districts are included in the 77 Gurushikhar mountain peak is part of Aravalli regions of Rajasthan ? (A) 10 Districts (B) 12 Districts (C) 09 Districts (D) 08 Districts which of following Aravali Region? (A) Southern (C) Middle (B) Northern (D) Eastern (B) UETt (D) g (C) (B) 12 M (D) 08 f (A) 10 (C) 09 fr 78 "Chhappan Plain' is associated with which one of the following river? (A) Beas (C) Mahi 74 What is altitude of peak Ser? (A) 1,622 meter (B) 1,370 meter (C) 1.597 meter (D 1,602 meter (B) Sabarmati (D) Chambal (A) (A) ,622 (B 1,370 (C) 1,597 (D) 1,602 E (D) 79 Which of the following district of Rajasthan receives maximum annual rainfall? (A) Kota (C) Bikaner 75 Isarda irrigation project is situated at (B) Sirohi (D) Pratapgarh (A) Jhalawar (C) Chittorgarh (B) Dungarpur (D) Sawai Madhopur (B) ftrtt Which of following district of Rajasthan is facing problems related to Air-pollution because of sugar mil plant? (A) Sri Ganganagar (B) Bikaner (C) Bharatpur (D) Dhaulpur 80 76 Maximum diurnal range of temperature is found in (A) Jodhpur (C) Churu district of Rajastharn (B) Sri Ganganagar (D) Jaisalmer (B) TTTT (C) 39 ] P.TO.

  8. *RAS pre -20)8 Deteuleol Soluton

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