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Questions (8 - 14)
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In this lesson, questions (8 - 14) have been discussed.

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Nikhil Sharma
a year ago
LCM 2 lekar solve Kia h
Aap questions apne level me rehkar solve karoge toh students ko kuch nahi samajh aayega, student me level me aakar samjhao , questions padh ke answer hum bhi kar denge . Uske peenchhe ka logic toh expalin karo, baaki 3 options kyu reject kiya conceptual questions uske peenche kya logic tha, bass formality jaisa laggta hai.
total bullshit , y dont you explain the concepts . u are just reading the question and options thrice !
question 12 ka b option clear kr dijiye
  1. COURSE: Questions on Steam Turbine Lesson : Questions - (8-14)

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  3. Question 8 In an ideal impulse turbine, the (a) Absolute velocity at the inlet of moving blade is equal to that at the outlet (b) Relative velocity at the inlet of the moving blade is equal to that at the outlet (c) Axial, velocity at the inlet is equal to that at the outlet (d) Whirl velocity at the inlet is equal to that at the outlet Ans : b

  4. Question 9 Which one of the following sketches represents an impulse turbine blade? Ans a

  5. Question 10 Steam enters a De Laval steam turbine with an inlet velocity of 30 m/s and leaves with an outlet velocity of 10 m/s. The work done by lkg of steam is (a) 400 Nm (b) 600 Nm (c) 800 Nm (d) 1200Nm

  6. Solution 10 The work done by 1kg of steam is--m (K2- )--x1 (302-102-400 Nm Ans a

  7. Question 11 The given figure shows the variation of certain steam parameter in case of a simple impulse turbine. The curve A-B C represents the variation of (a) pressure in nozzle and blades (b) velocity in nozzle and blades (c) temperature in nozzle and blades (d) enthalpy in nozzle and blades Nozzle- + Blades- Ans b

  8. Question 12 Consider the following statements in respect of impulse steam turbines: 1. Blade passages are of constant cross-sectional area. 2. Partial admission of steam is permissible. 3. Axial thrust is only due to change in flow velocity of steam at inlet and outlet of moving blade. Which of the statements given above are correct? (a) 1, 2 and 3 (b) Only 1 and 2 (c) Only 2 and 3 (d) Only 1 and 3 Ans a

  9. Question 13 In an axial flow impulse turbine, energy transfer takes place due to (a) Change in relative kinetic energy (b) Change in absolute kinetic energy (c) Change in pressure energy (d) Change in energy because of centrifugal force Ans b

  10. Question 14 An impulse turbine produces 50 kW of power when the blade mean speed is 400 m/s. What is the rate of change ofmomentum tangential to the rotor? (a) 200 N (b) 175 N (c) 150 N (d) 125 N