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Questions (1 -7)
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In this lesson, questions (1-7) have been explained.

Harshit Aggarwal
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Unacademy user
Thanks mam for the wonderful course
sir kaplan axial flow turbine hoga na??
Tushar Panchal
2 years ago
3rd question me
Anil Kahar
a year ago
Anil Kahar
a year ago
in Kaplan turbine =axial turbine in Francis turbine =mixed flow turbine
Anil Kahar
a year ago
in Kaplan turbine =axial turbine in Francis turbine =mixed flow turbine
In question 5 the values are given in kJ/kg while final answer is given in kJ.
sir please add course on basics of steam turbines
please cover fluid mechanics objective problems also
  1. COURSE: Questions on Steam Turbine Lesson : Questions -(1-7)

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  3. Question 1 Given, Vb- Blade speed V Absolute velocity of steam entering the blade, a Nozzle angle. The efficiency of an impulse turbine is maximum when (a)%-0.5V cosa (b)V, V cos a (d) V, V" cos (c)%-0.5V" cos Ans: a

  4. Question 2 The Rateau turbine belongs to the category of (a) Pressure compounded turbine(b) reaction turbine (c) Velocity compounded turbine (d) redial flow turbine Ans a

  5. Question 3 Match the following P. Curti:s Q. Rateau R. Kaplan S. Francis 1. Reaction steam turbine 2. Gas turbine 3. Velocity compounding 4. Pressure compounding 5. Impulse water turbine 6. Axial turbine 7. Mixed flow turbine 8. Centrifugal pump Code: P R S P QRS (a) 2 17 6(b) 35 7 (c) 31 5 (d) 3 4 7 6 Ans : d

  6. Question 4 A Curtis stage, Rateau stage and a 50% reaction stage in a steam turbine are examples of (a) Different types of impulse stages (b) Different types of reaction stages (c) A simple impulse stage, a velocity compounded impulse stage and reaction stage (d) A velocity compounded impulse stage, a simple impulse stage and a reaction stage Ans: d

  7. Question 5 A steam turbine receives steam steadily at 10 bar with an enthalpy of 3000 kJ/kg and discharges at 1 bar with an enthalpy of 2700 kJ/kg. The work output is 250 kJ/kg. The changes in kinetic and potential energies are negligible. The heat transfer from the turbine casing to the surroundings is equal to (a) O kJ (b) 50 kJ (c) 150 kJ (d) 250 kJ

  8. Solution 5 Enthalpy drop Power output + losses Or 3000-2700-250 + losses Or losses 50 kJ to the surrounding Ans b

  9. Question 6 What is the ratio of the isentropic work to Euler's work known as? (a) Pressure coefficient (c) Work factor (b) Slip factor (d) Degree of reaction Ans: a

  10. Question 7 In steam turbine terminology, diaphragm refers to (a) Separating wall between rotors carrying nozzles (b) The ring of guide blades between rotors (c) A partition between low and high pressure sides (d) The flange connecting the turbine exit to the condenser Ans a