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Questions-3: Photohalogenation
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This lesson contains very important and extremely interesting questions on chlorination and bromination. It's an important lesson from exam point of view and a must watch!

Ankita Chowdhury
Student at DTU (Previously DCE); Chemistry lover; Passionate about teaching; @educator.ankita (Instagram) ; Let's make learning fun! :D

Unacademy user
thank you sir for nice explaination
mam how many product do we get upon dichlorination of cyclohexane ? and why
  1. QUESTIONS -3 for excluding attra. sarnats] h) An al mona

  2. mono Chuoinabd praduct Ci Cl Ci

  3. Cl CI Cl 2 CI CI Cl

  4. Cl Cl Ths we qut a tbla Cl n-butasu. e knao for n-butan & praduch is mojox

  5. CI Cl 3 CIH2 CHCH-CH 3 Cl cl (Majs CH CH CHCH C Cl Minat CH3C CH

  6. (Majo) Mina CH3CH CH 3 CH isobutanWe know that chuokinaMon ay Iso butane giver 3 praduot au

  7. Bra/h CH Ans) Fiut rmakera Radsral Cl Cl CH CH 3

  8. Ans) Fiuut make Pro xadiral Cl Cl CH CH 6r cl Br CH 3