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Question no.-[1-10] (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains question no 1-10 of SSC JE previous year exam which was held at 1st March 2017 in afternoon shift.

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Unacademy user
Mam, gate 2011 wale question ka second part ka solution galat hai uska answer 4% nhi hoga...
Sharayu Pujari
7 months ago
I will check and let u know
Chitransh Nekman
7 months ago
Ok Thank you in advance
3 ques me not less than poocha h to wo to 30 hi h na sir so ans should be d
Seraj Uddin
8 months ago
Your welcome dear
please add ssc je 2018 paper solution and give ptedicted questions about je 2019
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
ok. I will try to give you the course as soon as possible. thanks
  1. SSC JE-2017 O Exam held at 1st March 2017 o Set-2 .- Afternoon shift Questions analysis with solution Discussed by Seraj uddin o Rate, Review & Share Follow me on Unacademy

  2. Q.1 Hydrographic survey deals with the mapping of (a) Large water bodies (b) Canal system (c) Colour movement (d) None of these

  3. phic Suvey (Bathmetnc suvH 2t is the rvey ^ physical exMarihe constmucion ebtshore liillirz etc.

  4. Q.2 If the smallest division of a Vernier is longer than the smallest division of its primary scale the Vernier is known as (a) Direct Vernier (b) Double Vernier (c) Simple Vernier (d) Retrograde Vernier

  5. A retroarade vernier s the one which eztenels or ircrease in opposite dlivection as that s main the smallest divn'ston Srmalest clivns con on lhe main scale It is so constructee that Cn+) i'v isi on the main ScaJe are in lenath h' din'st'on the vernier. ht)s-S

  6. Q.3 A well-conditioned triangle has angles respectively. (a) 10, 90 (b) 20 , 120 (c) 90 , 120 (a) None of these

  7. hen o angle n it Is less than 30 ken no avrgle in tt is areate tan 10. An angle is less than 30 qncl lvoa te's 4.laL!20 ,.s.scu' (c

  8. Q.4 Compensating errors in chaining are.. (a) Proportional to the length of the line the length of the line b) Proportional to the square root of the length of the line (c) Inversely proportional to the square root of (d) Inversely proportional to the length of the

  9. Compensating ES :- readlins ore laken. length chain hese eros are causad in ha boo sikiations Income ct heldina8 i The chain Is not unikormly cau'brateo/ throughout the chaiun t lengh

  10. Q.5 If a chain is found too short on testing, it can be adjusted by (a) Straightening the links (b) Inserting additional circular rings (c) Flattening the circular rings (d) Any of the options

  11. Pex mis ble erox 1: 250 ay chau'n survej Permissible emY= 1:1000 steel band in chain 'S uudfo pmicsi ble errDt 1 20D0 26 a steel tape atev acciriacq in measurmeuts, hoker, stondetdised steel ov inva~ tape is used and Ovet,on tor pull ,temp, saa, slopa ete e appliad kae,

  12. Q.8 Invar tapes are made of an alloy of (a) Nickle and steel (b) Copper and steel (c) Tin and steel (d) Aluminum and Steel