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Question No: 01-05 (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains brief explanation of Question no.-01 to 05 of Cost and estimation.

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Seraj Uddin
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Unacademy user
Shradha Gangwar
a year ago
thanks for watching
10 questions ka video banaiye
Sir. Q5..I have Not understand Actually we do 5/100 for removing % sign
Seraj Uddin
6 months ago
dear,if you listen carefully.i already mentioned that if we use percentage value we mentioned 100 but if not then 1.
Seraj Uddin
6 months ago
Dear, year purchase= 1/R If you put 5% ,then 1/5% = 1/5/100= 100/5
Ook... Understand sir.. Tqq
sir most repeated environment k questions Bana dijiye plz
  1. 100 Most Repeated Cost & Estimation Questions analysis By:- Seraj Uddin

  2. 01 The appropriate quantity (kg) of bending and binding the reinforcement of mild steel per mason per day is A) 200 B) 375 C) 450 D) 575

  3. 02 Calculate the weight (kg) per meter length of 25 mm diameter steel bar place at a spacing of 250 mnm center by center for 1 meter. A) 0.96 B) 3.85 C) 7.7 D) 15.43

  4. 3 dua o Steel La !w x Area Area Steel Om lT ven Steel bax place at a spacu Centex ce ntes y z acD m o, Weight pes metes length?steel

  5. 03 Accuracy is measurement of the area should be A) 1 square cm B) 10 square cm C) 100 square cm D) 1 square m

  6. length, sadth, dapk SC > volume

  7. 04 A building has been purchased by a person at cost of 25,000. The useful life of the building is 40 years and the scrap value of the building is ? 3,000 Calculate the annual sinking fund () at the rate of 5% interest. A) 136 B) 155 C) 182 D) 207

  8. / e) 182 Given euiding cort Serd yo Osqui like builds Acumutated amoutcpeD -3000

  9. Annual sineing bund 22000 0.01 40 6.039

  10. 05 Calculate the year's purchase for a property of a useful life of 30 years and rate of interest of 5% per annum A) 0.05 B) 0.2 C) 2 D) 20