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Quadratic Equation asked in IBPS exams : Part 24
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These type of questions are always asked in bank exams for 5 marks. You can solve it in 1 minute.

Siddhant Jain
Unacademy VERIFIED ✔️ and STAR 🌟 EDUCATOR. Reasoning faculty having 5 years experience.Qualified IBPS PO/CLERK and SBI PO, RRB PO.

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Indian railways is the largest network of railways in the world, the 7th largest employer and carries around 2 crore people everyday. It also runs the largest social sector service in India by providing cheat travelling service to a huge population of poor strata. It is one of the most important aspects of India, but despite all this Indian railways sees mishaps like the one near Kanpur, so frequently that since 2008 to 2014, 803 rail accidents have occurred and 70% of them due to human error. So, few of the problems faced by the Indian Railways are: ___ 1.) The railways has increased it's capacity in recent years and now runs around 22,000 trains daily, but the staff operating it has not been increased. There is a 23% shortage of staff for the maintenance of tracks. ___ 2.) Railways is highly underfunded. Most of the railway fund is going into buying bullet trains, building wifi facility, better catering services, cleaning services in coaches and that too for high end trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani. Maintenance of local trains and tracks is not being kept at priority. 3.) The fairs for rail travel has not been increased from the past 10 years, the passenger travel is highly cross subsidised by freight and due to this freight is also loosing business. There needs to be strong political will to increase passenger fairs so that funds can be generated and underfunded trains and routes can be taken care of. ___ 4.) Essential technology needs to be acquired, coaches should be upgraded from old ICF to new LHB coaches, all narrow and metre gauge tracks should be changed to broad gauge. ___ Reference: The big picture debate, newspaper.
Shri Mhetre
3 years ago
hi.. your analysis is very good, if it's not been coppied from google..
Nipam Alipuria
3 years ago
Thank you, and no the answer was not copied, i wrote it on my own. Most of it was from the big picture debate on RSTV. ____ ____
Shri Mhetre
3 years ago
okay, sorry. can anyone tell me what's the tv chanal's name and what is it's chanal no on cable tv? thank you so much.
Nipam Alipuria
3 years ago
DD RSTV, i don't know the channel number though, but you can watch everything from RSTV on youtube. The big picture debate is pretty good, it's on 30 mins long and you can even make notes out of it.
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  2. QUANTITATIVE APPTITUDE 1) Simplification , Approximation 2) Quadratic equation 3) Number series 4) Dl: Percentage Ratio and proportion Average

  3. 15-20 Marks topics of Math for IBPS CLERK .Simplification Approximation Missing Number Series .Wrong Number Series .Quadratic Equation

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  5. REASONING PRE. 1)Inequality 2) Syllogism 3) Direction and distance 4) Blood relation 5) Order Ranking 6) Alphabetical series 7) Coding Decoding 8) Machine input 9) Sitting arrangement 10) Puzzle MAINS 1) Logical reasoning 2)High level puzzle 3) Data sufficiency

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  7. In each of these questions, two equations (I) and (II) are given. You have to solve both thee equations and give answer I. 4x2-4x-99 = 0 11. + 5y-112-0 if x>y if xzy if x<y if x y if xy or no relation can be established between x and y.

  8. In each of these questions, two equations (I) and (II) are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer 1. 8x2-22x + 15=0 if x>y if x y if x<y if x y if x y or no relation can be established between x and y.

  9. 2. 30 7 35 3S

  10. 2. 8-5 2. 2 CMD

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