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Public Economics: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discuss the most important questions for CBSE NET

Tanya Bhatia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tanya Bhatia
Topper in 12th Cbse Economics Hons from Shyam Lal College DU, M.A in Economics. Expert in NET for Economics.Teaching is work of heart❤❤❤

Unacademy user
Roman question no.169 answer is both are wrong but I have studied from Arpita Prakash Mam's lecture on geography NCERT class 6th and she taught that there are 24 time zones of 1 hour each and each time zone have 15degree longitude. so which one is correct sir... please clear my doubts
Mukesh Gupta
2 years ago
More Than 24 Time Zones If each time zone were 1 hour apart, there would be 24 in the world. However, the International Date Line (IDL) creates 3 more. Also, several time zones are only 30 or 45 minutes apart, increasing the total number of standard time zones even further. Arpita ma'am is right as per NCERT is concerned.. I hope u got my points.
Ma'am can u pls solve and explain following question to me Q. Given the demand function: Q= 20/P, where the symbols have their usual meaning, at which price, the elasticity of demand would be unity? (1) 20 (2) 10 (3) 5. (4) All of the above I will be highly grateful to you ma'am
Tanya Bhatia
a year ago
hi see elasticity= dq/dp×p/q d= differentiation when u apply it ans will be 1 it does not matter what is the value of p
Tanya Bhatia
a year ago
4.all of the above is correct
Thanks alot ma'am.... u replied very soon 😊 thank u for taking out the time to solve my question.... God bless u 😇
Tanya Bhatia
a year ago
Teaching Economics is my passion and i have alwz tym for mine passion.
thank u ma'am 😊
thank u ma'am 😊
thanku mam ..pls make more lessons for ugc net economocs...
Tanya Bhatia
a year ago
yaa sure

  2. QI- BUDGET INCIDENCE REFERS TO- I.The effect of both govt exp and tax policies on the distribution of income . 2.The effect of government exp on the allocation of resources. 3.the effect of tax policies on the distribution of income and wealth in the private sector . 4.none of the above

  3. Q2- FISCAL DEFICIT TARGETED AT BUDGET 2018- 19???? .2.3.3 % -33.6 % 4.3.2 %

  4. Q3-TAX INCIDENCE REFERS TO- l.That means whom bears the burden of tax . 2.that means whom tax is imposed . a tax is a collected 4.How often a tax is collected OW

  5. Q4-TWIN DEFICIT PROBLEM MEANS A COUNTRY HAVING: I.High fiscal deficit and higj current account deficit . 2. High fiscal deficit and high revenue deficit . 3. High fiscal deficit and high governance deficit 4.High fiscal deficit and high primary deficit

  6. Q5-CORE INFLATION HAS BEEN DESCRIBED AS: I.headline inflation- food inflation 2.headline inflation-(food inflation+fuel inflation) 3.headline inflation- fuel inflation . 4.Food inflation+ Fuel inflation