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Projectile Thrown Horizontally (in Hindi)
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Learn about the motion of a projectile when given a horizontal initial velocity from a certain height.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

Unacademy user
Hello shitanshu sir, you're doing a great job. This video was very helpful in clearing my concepts. Thank you. Looking forward to learn more.
Thanks for the appreciation.
mam I have a doubt... in first slide in case of "y" you told acceleration is -g but in second slide in case of "y" u told acceleration is g... How???
Tamanna Chaudhary
5 months ago
Hi Arpita, you doubt is very genuine. Read carefully, you have the power to decide your own sign convention. Just stick to them and you'll get answer according to those sign conventions. In the first case, I've taken downwards as - and upward as + so, g and h both are negative. In the next slide, I chose downward as + to simplify the equation and got the answer accordingly.
Tamanna Chaudhary
5 months ago
So, choose your sign convention at the beginning of a question and stick to it while assigning signs to all quantities to get the correct answer.
thanks for clearing concept
Mam i need assistance .. plz help
i have a doubt, agar first case mei projectile ko initial velocity de rahe hain to usko acceleration bhi milega qki initial velocity can be provided by means of force and agar force hai to acceleration to hoga hi??? to why in the equation of s(x) we put a=0??
Tamanna Chaudhary
6 months ago
We don't consider the cause of motion, we just stay focused to the motion. Ek baar projectile jab move karne lagegi kisi velocity se, us motion ke doraan uspe koi force nahi lagega x direction mein, so x direction mein acceleration zero hoga, ya hum keh sakte hai u=v for motion of a projectile in x direction.
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