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Important Questions on Projectile Motion - 1 (in Hindi)
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Important types of questions on projectile motion.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

Unacademy user
Sachin bhaiya jo Q4. hai, in that i have calculated option 2 is also correct i calculated that using method of stichiometry.. Can you please check and verify as 1/6(mole of HCL)= 1/3(mole of h2) so, n(HCL) =2 x n( h2) now using n= volume/22.4 we get, Volume(HCL)= 2 x Volume(h2) hence, if Volume of H2 is 3L then according to above relation Volume of HCL is 6L
mam please give answer to this que. Q - The range of a rifle bullet on level ground is 6000m. What is the range at an incline of 30 degree?
mam how acceleration is positive in vertical motion of last question
are these the type of questions we can accept in NEET and AIIMS?
Mam in Q(1) How did you get value of Vy as 15/2 ?
Kritika Bhardwaj
10 months ago
It might be wrong! I am having same doubt
Kritika Bhardwaj
10 months ago
Naa it would be 15 only calculate it once more.
mam aapne woh 'n' ke value ke time mai 'g' ko negative kyun nhi liya ..pls reply
Ball neeche aaegi so displacement neeche ki taraf hai, g ki direction bhi neeche ki taraf hai. Jab bhi S and G same direction mein ho, aap dono ko positive lo and jitne bhi vectors unke opposite direction mein ho, unko negative.
Okitlu khamblai
a year ago
ok mam ...🙂 thankyou so much
  1. Important types of questions on projectile motion BY-TAMANNA CHAUDHARY

  2. Find the velocit when it hits the ground back 3o Horizontal motion Vertical moton

  3. Projectile passes A and B lu e3s ue o 3 2s 1 4o 2S

  4. Q. For a given projedHle: Y; CosS tane tani+ tan - tane

  5. Find the value of n. nh_0+19 ) :. The ball will hit the edge nth S