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Previous Year Questions of GATE 1996, 2015,2004 & ISRO 2007 ,2015,2013 & UGC 2014 (in Hindi)
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Sweta Kumari
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Sir DNA KB ayaga ye to bta dihiye
solution to nand not being associative was worst.. 🙄😶
todays live session answer :::::::Minimum spanning tree has direct application in the design of networks. It is used in algorithms approximating the travelling salesman problem, multi-terminal minimum cut problem and minimum-cost weighted perfect matching. Other practical applications are: Cluster Analysis, Handwriting recognition, Image segmentation.
Sweta Kumari
7 months ago
Very nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Kunal Roy
7 months ago
thank you mam 😊
thank u so much maam for creating this course
Sweta Kumari
7 months ago
Your welcome 🙂
  1. ISRO 2015 GATE 2004 A modulus -12 ring counter requires a minimum of 12 flip flops, 12 states The Boolean function x'y' +xy +x'y is equivalent to ISRO 2017 GATE 2015 A computer with 32 bit word size uses 2s compliment The minimum number of JK flip-flops required to construct a synchronous counter with the count sequence (0, 0,1,1, 2,2, 3,3, 0,0) is Count sequence they are saying is:00, 00, 01,01, 10, 10, 11,11 We can see repeated sequence above. So two bits will not be sufficient, we need atleast three flip flops. to represent numbers. The range of integers that can be represented by this computer is (A) -232 to 232 (B)-231 to 232-1Range of 'n' bit 2's compliment (C)-231 to 231-1 binary number is always (D)-231-1 to 232-1 to 21.GATE 1996 ISRO 2007 Booth's algorithm for integer multiplication gives worst performance when the multiplier pattern is (A)101010. 010 (B) 100000.....001 when pairs of 01s or 10s 0.75 decimal system is equivalentto___in octal system 0.75 (0.110- (0.6)8 ISRO 2007 (C) 1111.r very frequently in the Ring counter is analogous to Stepping Switch. UGC 2014 Which of the following operation is commutative but not associative (A)AND (B) OR (C) NAND (D) EXOR FAN IN' of a component A is defined as Count of the number of components that can call, or pass control, to a component A or in simple word number of input is FAN IN. GATE 1996