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Previous Year 2018 Part 7
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Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

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42:56::72:90 7*6:7:8::9*8:9*10 This pattern is also applicable.
  1. Solution of CAT 2018-2017 unacademy By:- Harpreet Kaur PROFILE LINK

  2. Q:- A boat travels upstream from point A to point B 20km apart. If the speed of the boat in still water is 10 kmph, then the trip from A to B takes 2 hours and 40 minutes more than the return trip from B to A What should be the still water speed of the boat, if the onward trip were to take 2 hours more then the return trip? Upstream downstream Sol:- Time dit-rence : hrao min Hr 3 D - Podnct <f Speed x Time differ en ce in speed

  3. = Prodrett Speed X Time dater ence Ditt in speed

  4. Upstream Speed 8+5 ime disteren ce ahY D (8-5) C6+5) ta 5 loo + as = 125

  5. Q:-In the half yearly exam only 70% of the students were passed. Out of these (passed in half yearly) only 60% students are passed in annual exam, out of remaining students (who fail in half yearly exam) 80% passed in annual exam. What percent of the students passed the annual exam ? lo o So 70% 30%