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Previous Science Questions for Secretariat Assistant Exam Part 3 (in Malayalam)
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Previous Science Questions for Secretariat Assistant Exam Part 3

Sudheesh Raghavan
Hi, I am Sudheesh,Teaching for Kerala psc exams for two years. Youtuber at PSC 360.I am interested to teach science topics.

Unacademy user
sir please make video on sequence and series
sir plant movements alakkan ulla upakaranam ethanu?
Sudheesh Raghavan
5 months ago
Sir pls add more Previous qsn
Superb class👍👍.. especially 7th qn.. oru idea um undayirunnilla.. thanks fr explaining each options very well..
Class OK...But please avoid the Special TONE between lessons....
enthaa uddeshichath ??
Portions ithiri vegathil eduthu poyapole thonni....Class kettappol previous part aayittu Some Variations.... Speed kurachirunnel Better aayene...But content is Super... ( Only suggestion )
sure... Thank you for your valuable feedback 👍😊
Various types of stem; root modifications ithinae kurich parayamo?
nokkam 👍
a year ago
Ethengilum oru qn varumpo athonnu explain cheyyane sir..
  1. General Science mcq for Secretariat Assistant Exam Part 3 - Biology Prepared by Sudheesh Raghavan Follow me >

  2. 1. Which of the following cell organelles is known as 'Traffic Police of the Cell' A.) Golgi Bodies B) Ribosomes C) Mitochondria D) Amino Acids

  3. 2. Plants which are adapted to grow in soils containing high concentration of salt are known as A) Xerophytes B) Mesophytes C.) Halophytes D) Thallophytes

  4. 3. Potato is a modified form of A.) Stem B) Root C) Fruit D) Leaf

  5. 4. Digestion of proteins starts in the A) Mouth B.) Stomach C) Duodenum D) Intestine

  6. 5. Insect pollination is known as A) Hydrophily B) Ornithophily C) Anemophily D.) Entomophily

  7. 6. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited A) Nor-epinephrin B.) Adrenaline C) Thyroxine D) Parathormone

  8. 7. The counting of RBC is done with A) Haemocytometer B) Haemoglobinometer C) Clinostat D) Thermometer

  9. 8. One of the following diseas cannot be prevented by the DPT ( triple-antigen) immunization of children. A) Tetanus B.) Tuberculosis C) Whooping Cough D) Diphtheria

  10. 9. Perinicious anaemia is a deficiency diseas caused by lack of A) Vitamin B3 B) Vitamin B9 C) Vitamin B1 D) Vitamin B12

  11. Thank you