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Preparation Strategy for CAT – DI, DS and AR section
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In this lesson we discussed Preparation Strategy for DI, DS and AR section for CAT exam.

Sanchit Gupta
CAT Preparation | Full Stack Developer | Programmer | MU'nite | Economics | Bachelors of Technology | Entrepreneur |

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thank you mam but on YouTube you are teaching class 8
Sanchit Gupta
a year ago
Thanks Shekhar, your appreciation matters a lot. :)

  2. COMMON ADMISSION TEST CUTTING EDGE TECHNIQUES TO CRACK IT Competition is all about filling and creating gaps amongst all the contestants. Competition is race. To win this race you have to increase your speed of learning. " speed of learning - To outdo the competition, analysis is must. Good habits come from good exposure Most vital of all is none other than your attitude. Change is the only constant. Consistency is as important as a regular supply of oxygen to our lungs. Everyone has immense energy but one needs to channelize it in a focused and constructive manner. - - - CREATED BY SANCHIT GU PTA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND COPYRIGHTED

  3. DATA INTERPRETATION (DI) Find the missing figure or value. -Find the percentage change - Compare the two or more traits and parameters - Find the ranks of players, employees or contestants. - Find the expenditure, profit or loss -Find the minimum cost and maximum profit. e missing tigure or value Find the minimum required employees, manpower or machinery. The critical point in DI is to interlink the various parameters, attributes and dimensions to reach the desired value. CREATED BY SANCHIT GUPTA-ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND COPYRIGHTED

  4. DATA SUFFICIENCY (DS) Answer the following question on the basis of givenA. Bhanu is the tallest girl. directions Mark I When statementA is sufficient, but B is not. Mark 2 When statement B is sufficient, but A is not. Mark 3 When both the statements A and B are necessary Mark 4 When even both the statements A and B are not sufficient to answer. -B. Bhanu is taller than all the boys Solution by combining the data from both A and B we get the required answer.Hence we have to mark 3. - Example ls Bhanu the tallest in class? CREATED BY SANCHIT GU PTA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND COPYRIGHTED

  5. ANALYTICAL AND LOGICAL REASONING (AR) AR constitutes almost 20%-40% portion of DI section in CAT and it is much more important for other tests like IIFT, SNAP and XAT. The only remedy is that practice well before exam.There is a great variety in questions, explore the each one. Seating arrangement, reaching order,color combination, event schedules, family tree, etc. are the typical examples of Analytical Reasoning. CREATED BY SANCHIT GU PTA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND COPYRIGHTED