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Preparation of alkyl halides from alkenes:- UnSymmetrical alkenes
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In this session we have covered unsymmetrical alkenes.

Anmol Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anmol Sharma
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Q.In which cave the drawings and the paintings can be classified under seven different periods? a)Udaygiri Caves, Madhya Pradesh b)Sithannavsal Cave Temple, Tamilnadu c)Bhimbetka Cave, Madhya Pradesh d)Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Aurangabad options: a) both a & b b) only c c) all d)none Answer:Period 1 (Upper Paleolithic) This period is mainly marked by linear representations of huge figures of animals such as bison, tigers and rhinoceroses in green and dark red. Period II (Mesolithic) This period has comparatively small but stylized figures. It shows linear decorations in the body. The animals, human figures and hunting scenes provide an idea that weapons like barbed spears, pointed sticks, bows and arrows were used. The paintings from this period also depict communal dances, birds, musical instruments, mother and child, pregnant women etc. Period III (Chalcolithic) The paintings of this period resemble reveal agricultural activities and exchange of goods. Period IV & V (Early historic) Having a schematic and decorative style, the figures of this period were dominated by colors like red, white and yellow. The paintings also reveal facts like association of riders and the existence of scripts. You would also notice figures of yakshas, tree gods and magical sky chariots. Period VI & VIl (Medieval) You would notice more geometric, linear and schematic shapes in the paintings of this period. Cave dwellers used Manganese Haematite, soft red stone and wooden coal to make the colors. In addition to that, animal fats and extracts were used in mixtures. One of the main reasons for the colors to remain intact for so long is the chemical reaction resulting from the presence of oxide on the rock surface.
thanks Saranya for this question.. could not see your comment. so, could not reply early.. extremely sorry for this :-( I saw your questions in other lessons also... wonderful questions :-)
sir chamka😊👍👍