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Prelims and Mains Test Series
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-Prelims Test series - Which Test Series to join -Mains test series -Score in test series

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Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

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Why are you not clearing our doubts
Hello sir, i know it might sound weird but i feel ... we fresher would be really thankful to you if u can kindly put a light on the understanding of upsce prelims and mains exam's syllabus ( differences, inclusive & exclusive ) . i guess many aspirrants would get insight as the understanding of the syllabus is the crucial part of preparation. i personally feel that syllabus of prelims and past papers varies in extent of topic.... may b not... kindlly take a session foor syllabus ssir .... this basic remains ignored. Thankyou
hi sir...... sir, is it mandatory to take test series? or some test series which we get in online for free of cost are they sufficient? because I'm in a position where i can't afford money for test series. the only thing I can afford is monthly 500rs for my internet.
is practicing previous years papers along with mock papers book like mcqs for upsc by Arihant would be worth for prelims point of view?
sir is it true that 90% of questions are asked from last one year happenings or is it the case that we should refer even previous years?
how to develop essay writing skills for mains answer writing and how to eliminate and get answers of prelims maximum correct

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi -Engineer - Electronics and Communication -College - Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Sector 62, Noida. CGPA = 8.4/10 . LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance = AIR 76 Interests Writing and Blogging - Reading about India MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY

  3. Rahul Barman 12 hours ago online free test series are useful or not? score only 60-80/200. how to make it a safe score? (130?) Test series Careful in selecting Why? . New trend . Unnecessary tough questions . That don't match the exam level MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY

  4. "Important ye nahi hai ki kitna mushkil hai, important ye hai ki exam ke liye kitna relevant hai" How about score? No need to worry . Neither in test series Nor in exam Never set a benchmark Else you'll end up having negative score

  5. Varsha Kumar 4 hours ago hello sir I wanted to ask u regarding the mains test series.whether it will b helpful to go Delhi for only mains test series bcoz the in online mains test series they take 10-12 days for review 0 Reply Ruchi Balkrishna 4 hours ago Hello sir! Thank you for letting us keep our doubts before you. I wanted to ask, that when can we start practicing mock tests for prelims and mains. Also, is it okay to cover the leftovers of optional to be tackled after prelims? And lastly, could you relaunch your CSAT series as I personally need assistance. 0 Reply MUDIT GUPTA- UNACADEMY

  6. Ideal time forO OPrelims test series Number of tests . 20-30 February Depending upon your time MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY

  7. Mains test series Immediately after prelims Right now What is the right time ? Practice answer writing on your own Join the test series June first week MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY

  8. Which test series to join? . Depends upon availability . All of them have shades of white and black Some loopholes and strengths in all MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY

  9. Is it a good option to shift to Delhi for Mains test series? In my opinion No Why? . Time in travelling Time in finding PG and accommodation . Cost involved - monetary and time Still, if you want the review within a short span . You can . My recommendation NO! MUDIT GUPTA UNACADEMY